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Happy day, but problems too...


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Yesterday I went to see the team from the "Extreme home makeover" show. They are in town in Boardman, so my mom, myself, my three kids, and my neice and 2 nephews went to see it. We parked at the mall and took a bus down the road. It was great, we got to see Ty and Paul. It was really cool. We finally got to see them tear down the house after 4 hours, we started to leave as soon as it started to fall, because I wasn't feeling to well, and it was getting really dusty.

So, I couldn't believe it but I made it standing for almost 4 hours! I wasn't to bad till I had to walk back to the bus, it was a slight hill and my mom told me to "hop on her back", she would give a piggy back ride. Which I didn't because that would have been very weird. (Even though she could have done it!) Even my 12 year old niece was nervous, she said I was so pale. Well we got back to corner where we would be picked up. We were one of the first, so I sat down and my neice held my legs up. What a sight, but it did back it better. By the time the bus got there, there was alot of people, needless to say, till I got up, (there was a line that we were in), but alot of people that just came up, jumped line and got on the bus. Well when I stood up, (this is the worst I have felt in a while), I got so dizzy. My mom told me "Please don't pass out on me here." I felt so bad, and I thought my heart was going to just jump out of my chest, it has never went as fast as it was doing than. Well the second bus was in sight, and my mom told me that "we are getting on that bus!"

Well we kinda moved infront of the line, and I was just praying that I could get back to the van and get something salty. There was this lady that said they we were cutting line, my mom told her that we were here before her, she started to get in my face, I was shaking so bad, I told her that I had a health problem and I had to get on the bus, "Yea right," she said, "So do I". Then there was a older lady with a cane having a hard time getting off the bus, my mom was trying to help her, and from this same lady "if she can't get of the bus, she shouldn't be here, and you shouldn't be either" while looking at me. I told her to shut up, and my mom pushed me ahead of her and got me on the bus.

I was getting so worked up, and my mom told me that some people are just buttheads, and there is no use even trying with them. I just get upset with people, just because we have a hard time doesn't mean we can't have a life!

Well except for her, I had a great time it was really cool to see the team and to beable to say we saw it first hand when the show airs on national tv.

It was cool.

We did get back, my mom drove us to Chuck E Cheese,( we promised the kids we would take them there, and it was closer than home.) we ordered a pizza and I loaded on the salt as soon as we got it, drank some and felt better. I have learned my lesson and I am going to carry something salty with me no matter where I go.

Sorry to rant and rave, bent your ears long enough. Hope everyone has a good day.


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Wow that would be great to see that in real life. When you wacth the show it makes me feel so much better about my family. Its so hard to see what these people go though, and then to think go are going to see this live, it all about goodness, and I can't believe that lady was so rud. Sorry you had to deal with that.

Well hope you are feeling better now! :huh:


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LOL! :):):huh:

Oh Carmen, that is soooo good, that brought a laugh. Yes, we did get to see Ty, it was only about 3 feet from us. It was so cool. He is so cute.!

Yes, by today I am feeling better. Actually doing some house work. Still kinda of tired, but getting sick of dust! Just taking a break now, so thought I'd check out a couple of things on the net.

Hope everyone is doing pretty good today.

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Glad you did well for so long! Mmmm, I like Ty also :)

People can be so vicious and cruel and being a butthead, well 3 strikes, she's out!

Glad you are feeling and doing well after your day out. Hoping there are many, many more good days like that ahead for you. :) (without the feeling bad part :blink: )

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