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just thought this was weird. Going from usually low b/p or normal and tachy during episodes to having the episode with the usually teeth chattering, pressure building, cold extremeties but no to little tachy but high b/p! As it was my b/p has been strange lately 100/75 or 100/80

I even checked it out during the course of the episode and it went to 115/91, 110/93 then to 110-115 in the mid 80's. I know they say you don't usually feel symptoms when your b/p goes up but I don't think it takes into consideration us dysautonomic types. I feel crappy. :) I took a beta blocker (1/4) and when it finally took hold my hr dropped even lower but the b/p stayed in the 110's to over 84-88. Who wants to worry about strokes now, not me :) So I have been seeing the trend that the blocker is knocking the pulse but not the b/p much. I can't imagine my dr's reply when I tell him this on Mon. I am headed back there after work to get my test results from echo and stress. To much more beta and I am sure my heartrate will drop waaay to low. The other thing it seems to do now is cut the internal tremor/buzzing feeling and knocks some of the adrenaline down but the rest of it is still gnawing it's way along.

Why do these darn things have to last so long :lol:

I leave you now, I think we are going to have to go buy a canoe soon here. This rain has been relentless!

Thank you all again for listenening to my rants and raves, you all are really great :lol:

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Hi.. sorry that you arent feeling well...I hope that the doc can tweek your doseage to help w/ you Bp to.. I know when you BP goes higher then the norm that you are used to.. that it can make you not feel to good (or if it drops lower too)

HUgs to you

hang in there


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Guest Finrussak

Ive always had the dysauto type where the BP surges, not drops until way after (like after 35 min in tilt table)...with high or normal pulse rates. The diastolic is only mildly high and your systolic (top number) Id kill for...not hi in the usual sense at all. You dont have to worry about strokes due to high BP with those numbers unless your Drs have told you different or you have another underlying problem.

My BP can blow to 180-190/110-120. And when Betas stop working or dont work to begin with its another sign of a variation of dysautono0mia...I have never tolerated BB's as my heart rate drops too low and my BP RISES dangerously!!!

this "paradoxical" reaction helps the drs to figure out which type of dysauto you may have or develop along with POTS.

Be aware, that sometimes when a BB causes a drop in pulse the body responds with a surge of adrenaline and or other neurochemicals which then raises the BP...the heart rate cant always raise too as the BB is blocking that pathway!!! there are so many chemical pathways, not all affected by the BB.

any change from what you are used to can cause a perception of feeling "bad" or "weird' etc. I have seen some who have gotten so used to sinus pain, undergo surgery and for the first time are pain free and not stuffed up and the lack of dizziness/opain has to be gotten used to!!!

Hope you are feeling better

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