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Doctors ~ they have no real clue do they?

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Okay, so I went to my appt. with the nurse since I was having left sided sharp pain in my chest on Sunday and Monday. Of course, today I'm fine.

First of all, the nurse at the cardiologist's office is not familiar with POTS, so I have to explain it to her...next she kept asking if I was short of breath with the chest pain. Well, how do I explain to her that I get short of breath because of my tachycardia, but I don't think the shortness of breath has anything to do with the chest pain?

So, she goes and talks to the electrophysiologist there (not my regular cardiologist...who I've only seen for 5 minutes total...yes, isn't that sad?). He said it was not cardiac related...he did not even see me.

No pulse taken, no ekg...just bp and listened to my heart. They sent me on my way.

What a waste. And with gas prices this high, it was REALLY a wasted because I had to travel 30 minutes to get there.


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Sorry about your ordeal. It really stinks. Surprised they did not even do an ekg, just to cover their tush. Luckily for me my cardio, though not well versed in dysautonomia, if I have any chest pain or heart issue going on, will tell me to come in or call him. He tells me to avoid the er unless it is an emergency but I should call him first. He worries that since they don't know the things I have gone through, tachy, b/p, etc. that they might dose me up with stuff I can' take and come out worse than before.

Did you leave a message for your cardio? I don't know if you have a good relationship with him but I would let him know that you were there with pain that has been bothering you for a few days and no one spent anytime even doing vitals for you. I guess they are still not offering basic bedside manner in medical school yet. Whenever there is a budget crisis those classes are the first to go.. :P:)

Hope you are feeling better. :)

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Hi Jennifer,

I don't mean to sound like a loud-mouth, but you shouldn't have to put up with that kind of treatment :) !

If you're not satisifed, go see a different doctor until someone gives you an answer.

When I was getting diagnosed with POTS, I had to see TONS of doctors before I found one who'd listen to me. Now I've learned to become a "revolving door" if necessary.

I hope you get the answers you need :P

Good luck,


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I'm really sorry about your experience. I wonder if a 30 year old man would have been sent on his way so quickly? Just a thought. Now about your chest pain. I had very similiar sxs and called the nurse that works with my cardio. Fortunately they are very skilled in dealing with young women with dysautonomia. She explained that based on my description it sounded like it was related to my MVP (mine occurred during attemping to walk for exercise) and to drink before, during, and after any workout. The sxs really scared me but she reassured me- she gave me some techical info about betas or something firing off in my heart but anyway, it made sense at the time. If you ever have doubts that concern you about sxs don't let people brush you off. They might act irritated but I would approach if by saying, "I know you are busy but this has really been bothering me. Can you help put my mind at rest just by running an ekg just to be sure? " Remember the honey- you can always kill more flies with honey than vinegar. Always thank them for their time (people like to know that we don't just abuse their or our own time). It may seem superficial but nieceness goes along way. I even used this approach with an er doc who woke up the wrong side of bed (everyday). I immediately told him "Happy Memorial Day". Then proceded to tell him I was no there for pain meds but my leg had really been bothering me and felt like I needed to check it out, I ended up getting an ultrasound on my leg and a follow-up with my cardio. Not all expereices turn out this well, but I can tell you it sure does not hurt to lay it on thick sometimes (but be sincere).


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