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I broke my toe too


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Just wanted to cry to you guys. I know it is a little lthing in the scope of this illness but today I dropped a cooler on my second to last toe and now it is broken.:D


So now the little walking i can do, the 10 steps to the bathroom are now painful!!!

I jsut hope no one stomps on mine like they did on Ninas!

And of course I do it on a Friday and no doctor to see.

I think I'll go see my chinese doctor tomorrow maybe she can help.

It is just one more thing ya know????

Just had to have a litlle scream :)


Can't figure out how to edit the topic name so sorry for the wrong spelling. We really need a spell checker! :-)

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Ouch!! I remember the pain all too well! I passed out and fell down my stairs back in June and broke a couple of toes. It was very painful.

Ice may help (at least it can deaden some pain) and taping it to the next really did help mine feel better once it was taped. Taping it was painful in the process of doing it though.

Hope your toes recover quickly

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You know what you guys just rock! I can't tell you how much it helped me from feeling like I was drowning to see all your support. I thank you so much you helped me!

I did not know about the tape and jsut tried it. No fun putting it on but it does help to walk. Thanks!

I know how much we all go through and for you to support even my broken toe and frustrations is amazing. Though I hate that we are all here I am so thankful and feel blessed taht I have found you guys.

Stacey :-)

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What are we going to do with you???? Dropping your cooler on your foot!? I didn't realize they were so hazardous! :)

Sorrry, trying for a little humor.

I just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you! I just had my ingrown toenails out this summer and I couldn't believe how painful it was! I couldn't wear shoes forever (not like it mattered since I never go anywhere anyway, but that's another story!) So, no broken toe on my end, but I'm sending you hugs...

Okay, and you are always keeping us on our toes (pun intended) with your avatar always changing! I want to make Asher my avatar! But, I dont' know how, of course. You're in charge of computer expertise.


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Stacey, there's really nothing the doctor can do for you that you can't do for yourself. Might I suggest taping the toe to the nearest unbroken toe--and using some ice...and lastly, some tylenol, or if you can tolerate, motrin or aleve.

Mine is very cranky and swollen after it's re-breakage earlier this week.


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Well I went to chinese doctor and she eased the pain though easing the pain hurt quite a bit. The best thing she did was let out some of the blood so the pressure was eased too. ( gross I know but it helped). The sad thing was that I was trying to be careful, I usually just kick the cooler out of the way because it is always in the way. It is just a small one that Jim leaves lunch and cold drinks in for while he is gone-- anyway, I have been really off balance so I thought I would be smart and lift it to move it but I dropped it and the corner ( isn't it always the corner???) :D landed on my toe. Argghghhhhhhhhhhh!

Just a side note we have this stuff called Arnica gel and it really helps with bruising (sp?) makes them turn the pretty yellow and then go away much faster.

Still can't walk to well but at least I slept better last night.

Hope all you are ok today and keep your toes under you! ( in more ways than 1) :rolleyes::D:D

Stacey :-)

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stacey did that for me! she made the avatar from my dinet photo!!! it's like the sweetest thing b/c i am so computer illiterate. i was so surprised and excited! i just wanted asher, not me on the screen! but, stacey is going to fix it with a better pic as soon as i get one--i think i will be getting a digital camera for my bday (i hope) so i can send an updated picture of my cutie pie and stacey will put it up for me! i love it! anyways, it made me so happy in my potshole! now, we will see how i do working the digital camera, huh? :)


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i'm a bit late in chiming in, but still wanted to send get well soon wishes to your toe. i know that nina's a cool mouse and all, but really....did you have to imitate her toe breaking?? :P as long as you don't go an re-break it like she did. OUCH. my toes are hurting just thinking about the two of you!

glad that you got some relief from the doc & hope that toe is feeling like itself again soon...

:huh: melissa

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Unfortuantley I copied you agian, I tripped over my cane and what toe got caught??????????? Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh! Of course I did not have it taped because I was on the way to the bathroom to retape it!

Oh well the bruise was an ugly yellow and now it is a lovely purple again!

Once the throbbing stopped I thought it would feel better but it still hurts, which I am sure you understand!

Corina I am very happy and feel very blessed and thankful that you are my friend too.

All of you, we will get through this muck with strength, hope, friendship and love.

Stacey :-)

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what are we gonna do with you??? :)

okay, so this is totally goofy, but i had to laugh b/c we have an ongoing joke in our house about asher--he has an absolute foot fetish.

he loves feet and you are in danger if you have bare feet b/c he will lick your feet like crazy. it's so gross...

but, we say that he 'gives in-house, free pedicures'...you will not leave with dirty fee that is for sure...

anyways, so dog saliva is supposed to be so healing you know...for cuts and diaper rash...

so, i'll just send you a virtual asher pedicure...you even have his face right on the screen to envision! :)

okay, i hope you are laughing at my absolutely ridiculous post. i've gone nutty doing all this lyme research and trying to make a decision.

oh, and make sure you watch gilmore girls, of course. that will help your toe too! :)

love, em

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