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dizzygirl is stressed out here!!


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Hi all...

(((BIG SIGH!!)))

Oh K guys I am feeling extremely emotion ... all I seem to do is cry..over everything!! Geez.. I normally have a much tighter crip on my emotions.. (HAHA! maybe thats my problem!)

Any way.. part of my weepiness is due to my POTS acting up so badly.. I am really trying not to feel sorry for myself or to throw myself a pity party.. but I can see and feel myself deteriorating.. and rapidly too.. and I am so very frustrated at some of these darn RUDE docs and nurses.. (BOY!! OH BOY!!! I just want to slap them!

Well anyways stareting alst week.. I had some real issues with pain.. and nausea and vomitting.. migraines and what not.. so I broke down and went to the ER.. whcih actually wasnt a bad experience.. they helped in a timely manner.. and I started to feel GOOD!! can you believe it.. I can say I have pots and I felt good for a change in the sam esentence!!!

Well last friday they gave my meds for the nausea and vommitting/ and for the pain + a nice wonderful bag Of IV saline! YEAH!! and I almost imeediately started to feel good.. and I knew I was dehydrated.. because as quickly as they pushed that bad of fluid through me I didnt pee at all!

Well anyways.. I came home and got some much needed sleep....and slept from about 7pm to about 4am.. and BOY did I feel fab when I woke up..Last Saturday was the best day I have had in such a long time .. since about the end of April...

well I just felt so blessed to finally have a functional day with not a whole lot of pain.. and best of all not severe pots symptoms! I actually was able to cook!! and do the laundry that was stacking up a mile high in my basement!!

Wellat about 11pm that night I started getting really icky feeling..)dizziness..nd stuff) but the insomnia monster struck and I havent been able to sleep much at all.. :)

and I was having like adrenaline rushes.. and feeling very jittery..

I do not remeber sunday or monday.. I remeber tuesday though.. the tummy pain has returned.. along with the vomitting.. and diarrhea..I was not able to eat or drink like nothing till friday night.. and then that wasnt much to rave about...and made m tummy hurt like #*&%!!

Wednesday night I tried to take a shower.. and I got so sick in the shower.. I started puking (so sorry to be graphic!) and literally had to crawl out of the shower.. and laid down.. but again couldnt sleep a wink. and was up allnight throwing up.. and with severe tummy pain.. you know the kind of pain that you get in your tummy that makes you want to puke.. and gives you the chills.. and shakes??

I caleed the docs thursday and talked to the phone nurse.. and she was so rude to me.. I was telling her that I really need dr. T to please call something in for the tummy... and for insomnia to help me sleep.. and she is like..

Well is there a chance that you could be pregnant... I'm like no not really...and she is like well if you are pregnant that could be causing you to feel the way you are feeling.. I said no believe I am not pregnant.. well to make a very long story short.. she was just so rude and confrontational.. I was in tears my the time I hung up the phone..

I just cried and cried.. I feel like I have no where to turn for help.. well I crawled back in bed and literally cried my self to sleep...(i know pathedic right!) well after not being able to sleep for days.. I fell alseep and slept a good 9 hours straight.. wow that was great!

Well the doc never called me back.. so I called them friday.. and the young lady that I normally deal with took my call..(the nice one!)

I'm like you know I called yesterday and nobdy ever called me back.. which I found strnage.. becasue dr.t is very good about getting things done for me asap.. she said well there is no record that you called yesterday.. there is no note in here from that nurse (little witch).. and dr.t has allready left for the day she left early..

So I left yet another message with them.. this time I know it will get to the doc.. and I will go see the doc Monday afternoon.. and I will voice my uh.. concerns about this rude witchy nurse...from thursday..

Well to summ things up..they said go to the ER.. you really cannot get dehydrated. I'm like too late I'm there..

well I no sooner stood up to hang the phone up.. and I passed out..my god it has to be one of the worst syncope spells that i have had..I know that I went totally unconscious.. for how long I'm not real sure.. but i remeber being there on the floor.. and I was awake but i couldnt move and I couldnt open my eyes.. I could hear the radio playing.. and I could hear the cat meowing in my face.. but i cuoldnt open my eyes.. and my arms and legs felt so weird.. I dont even know how to describe it.. like electricity was running through them,, and they were so heavy and limp/rubbery feeling.. it took afew minutes to ragain my wits about me..

I dint move (like I had a choice) till that weird feeling passed in my legs and arms..and I sat up and started to cry again.. just praying to god what do I do.. where do i turn for help..

so I sat up in the kitchen chair.. and i spotten Dr. grubb's number. and I calle dhis office.. and spoke with a nurse there.. and they said that they wanted me to come in asap.. and I told them that i couldnt.. because I live a distance away.. but have an app. coming up on the 6th w/dr.g.. she said Oh good.. so in the mean time.. she was going to pass along the info to Dr.g's NP and have her call me back.. and discuss what i can do in the meantime while I wait to come to toledo....SO I am waiting for that call back from there.. and hopefully thay will be able to recommend something to help me till I can get there.. and have a real heart to heart with Dr. grubb.. I feel bad for dr. Grubb because I am going to tell himabout it all.. LOL

I am just purely exhausted and feel so crummy..and cranky and weepy..

ok folks thanks so much for reading.. and a apologize for the length of my post.. and I apologize for all the typo's too!!

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Hi.. at first we though that I had a stomach virus.. this started In july.. w/ the severe tummy pain.. and vomitting..and it clears up for a few days then flares up for weeks.

My doc thinks that part of its is pots related which I agree with.. but we also think that there is something going on in there that we just havent figured out yet..

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Linda, I am so sorry you are going through this :lol: I hope they can get to the bottom of things for you. I have a lot of nausea, but thankfully not a lot of vomiting, so I feel bad that you have it all. I lost about 50 pounds, that's when it was decided something must be wrong. I know others on here have the cyclic vomiting and hopefully they can give you some advice. Hang in there!!! sosorrymorgan

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I'm with you in the cranky, weepy, sickly, nauseated feeling...although I seem to be able to sleep, it doesn't seem to do any good :lol: Hopefully we will both snap out of it soon.


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