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Happy Birthday Eillyre!!! (aka Angela)


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i NEVER log on this darn early in the morning...but i had this little idea that just maybe i would beat steph to the punch to wish you a happy birthday first! but, of course, i didn't!

she's too speedy for me. anyway, i thought that might make you smile that people are fighting over who gets to wish you happy birthday first!

i love having this birthday thread.

Angela, I have always enjoyed reading your posts, hearing your stories, getting your updates, and learning from your wisdom and insights. You are so bright and full of insight and wisdom...and I am so grateful that you have started to really find things that help you to feel better these days!


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okay, now i'm really confused. how come my colors didn't work?

not only did steph beat me to the punch, but she also totally out did me in 'prettiness' of her post! oh poop!

well, my birthday wishes are no less enthusiastic in black and white (hey, you're an artist Angela...you'll have to use your imagination??? :))

wishing you a year with less and less and less POTS symptoms each day! until POOF! they are gone! :wub:


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Okay, here I go again:

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday to you,

happy birthday dear Angelaaaaaaa,

happy birthday to youououou

Best wishes Angela :) , hope you have a great day :wub: !!!

Corina :wub:

Em, I can't do the colors as well, I really don't know why, but because I'm very POTSy, I won't even give it a try (well, that means, not today!!!)

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Happy Birthday!

Emily, I fixed your colors. The "color" feature on this forum could use some improving. You may have to go in and manually close your color tags. So, where you want a color to end you may have to type in:

Hope that works for you!


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technically it's past midnight so i'm belated, but i haven't gone to sleep for the night so i'm going to pretend i'm still on time....


I hope your day was supercalifragilisticly super :)

:o melissa

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I was so happy when I stumbled onto this yesterday! Have no fear those of you who were "colour palette-ly challenged" ^_^ -- my imagination isn't dysfunction even if much of the rest of my cognitive stores are, so I received one of the most beautiful watercolour cards ever beheld! :)

Steph, your speed and ability to keep track of everything astonishes me as always! :) Were you just as sneaky when you were little? :huh::P:(:):P:lol:

Em, thanks for waking up early -- you get a gold star for a distinguished second place prize! :P You and Steph never fail to make me laugh! :lol: Thanks for your lovely thoughts! I'm sending you some get well soon colour! :):lol:

Corina, your voice rang clear across the Atlantic Ocean and I loved it! It must bring me good luck after your own recent happy birthday! ^_^

I haven't posted very much lately (only popped on every few days for a lightning-quick look at newest posts -- my brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces came down for the long weekend, but due to a major medical problem of my brother's, they've had to extend their stay indefinately. He has a 6" infected cyst in his neck (running from his throat down below his clavicle) that has swelled up yet again, despite two prior risky surgeries that "removed" it. He spent a number of days at UPenn Hospital, where they drained it and eventually sent him back to us on oral antibiotics; his tissues are very likely to bleed excessively if they attempt surgery now, so they want to do it a month from now. However, it's now two days after his discharge and it's gradually swelled back up again -- this time it's running from his neck down into his ribcage! Our luck is evidently holding strong -- his doctors appointment yesterday was cancelled because a truck ran into the telephone pole outside the medical office, leaving the whole block without power until midnight! :huh::D What next?! :P:)

While he, my dad, and my mom have been busy with that, I've been helping my sister-in-law with the kiddies (ages 2 & 18 months). They have two speeds: zooming and asleep! They're great fun for me, but I'm really exhausted even with frequent rest breaks.

At any rate, I DID have a wonderful 22nd birthday and am looking forward to a good year! :) Thank you all again for remembering my birthday and for the lovely posts, colours, songs, wishes...everything! I love you all -- thanks for everything you've all helped me through this past year!

With love, hugs, kisses blown from both hands, waves, (I feel like a diva! :P )


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Of course I was this sneaky when I was little! I'm the youngest of 3 girls---the other 2 used to do some VERY MEAN things to me! I had to learn my craftiness early! :wub::(:o:):wub::)

Well I'm sooo glad you had a good b'day--pretty watercolor card and all!

But wow, your poor bro! :( I hope he can get more stable soon, and he's feeling decently, or at least drugged enough to not know! ;)

You must be being a very good aunt! I'm sure your sis-in-law is very appreciative!

Try not to get too wiped out!

And yes, please share the cake! If it's the Dairy Queen cake you talked about Gwendolyn getting---I'm all over it!!! I hate frosting--so ice cream cake or cheesecake is the way I like to go! :):D Hmmm calories are good for Stephie! :D:)

I am also getting MUCH ENJOYMENT over everyone trying to "beat me" to the b'day wishing---soon I'm gonna have to start posting at 12:01 aren't I??? silly geese! :P

Take Care, and hope your family is doing okay too!


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Guest Mary from OH



So sorry I missed it!!!!!! I've been so out of it and trying to keep up with life. Hope you had an awesome day!! Sounds like you're keeping busy!! I'll keep your brother-in-law in my prayers!!

Miss you!!

Hugs and Prayers!!


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