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winter footwear...???


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I am wondering..Winter time is fast approaching.. here in my corner of the world..it can start snowing as early as October..gotta love living on lake erie.. and dealing with those lake effects snow storms!

Well what I am wondering.. is how do you guy keep your tootsie warm in the winter!!??

For that past couple of winters I have really struggled to kep my feet warm.. I have too take the bu every where I go.. and that requires some standing time outside in the nasty wheather.. from anywheres to 10-mins to an hour! or longer.. depending on the wheather..)and my feet get cold so quick.. like cold to the point that they hurt..ever though I am wearing compression hose.. 2 pairs of regular socks.. and a pair of thick wool socks.. my feet still get so cold..

So what I am wondering is if you guys have any recommendation for a good pair of winter boots.. that have tread.. and can be waterproofed.. and most of all are warm!!

My feet usually are cold.. but the winter time makes it so much more worse.. my feet never warm up...

Nina I hope that this isnt too off topic.. I apologize in advance if it is!!

I figured that i would go to you guys.. I know alot of your deal with "cold feet".. and thought you might have some ideas!



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No, this is not off topic. Anything that has to do with your health and a related symptom to POTS or ans problems is fine. Many here have cold hands and feet as temperature regulation problems is common with autonomic issues.

Personally, I've used "polar fleece" socks that I've gotten from LL Bean. Also, while I've never tried any of their winter boots, I do have the sheep's wool lined slippers ... I think they call them the "wicked good" slippers. I would bet any of their boots that have real wool lining would be pretty warm. additionally, there are boots that have battery powered warming, but I'm not sure where you'd get them. They also make socks that have battery powered warming. Perhaps look at a hunting supply? My neighbor hunts Deer in the winter, and I know he uses something like this.


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Hi Linda, I use Sorrel boots in the winter. They aren't the prettiest, but come in better colours now. (I have purple) They have different styles that are good for various temperature ranges. I buy slightly bigger, then layer two pairs of socks. You can find heated socks, as Nina suggested, at a sport/hunting type store, or they make heated insert thingys as well. If you have Mark's Work Wearhouse, they carry similar items. Laura

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I have cold feet, too and they can be miserable in the winter.

Last winter I bought my first pair of insulated boots. They are rated to -50 degrees. They are really warm. I also wear a pair of those polar fleece socks sometimes. Other times I wear two pair, one of which I got at a hunting store. I had a much more comfortable winter last year.

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I'm a fan of the polar fleece socks and wool socks as well. I love my Timberland boots! Have had 2 pairs since college, gotten me through many an Athens winter on cold brick walkways!

2 winters ago got a pair of boots made by The North Face, they are Gore Tex and about as nice as you can get for an Ohio winter. Timberland and TNF aren't cheap, but with Gore Tex protecting the rain, snow, and wind, they will last for years, the tread is made to last forever as well! My winter jackets are TNF too, and I would sleep in them if I had to, they are so fluffy and nice, and warm! If you do a froogle search you will probably find lots of internet sites that sell them.

I still love wearing soccer socks---they are basically like knee highs, only soccer socks are thicker, and you can fold them over for extra leg warmth, available at any sports store, in a bunch of colors and sizes.

I do want to note it's ENTIRELY to early to be talking about winter don't ya think??!! :unsure::P:rolleyes:B)

Take Care


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Not only do I get really cold in the winter but I am really thin so I have some extra trouble staying warm on my own. Going around cold alot of the time will make you feel worse...when I finally got warm, I felt alot better! I go to a really good outdoor stoor...the type where hard core hikers, mountain climbers, skiiers etc. go. There is a pair of thermal underwear I use under my pants and sometimes even sleep in them. They wick away moisture. I had to try on several different brands to get one that fit me correctly...now we keep the name and when I need more they do a special order...I have had one pair for two winters and they are still great. I also have various thermal tops. When they said thermal tops I went Yuck! because I am so into fashion. There are some really fashionable thermal tops out these days! Don't buy the cheap ones, spend the money for at least one or two really good ones and you will be really glad you did. I layer mine and also put regular tops over them.

Socks...If you need the name I will look. I get socks from the same store and they are SO warm, I end up using them year around. Even indoors with the air conditioning going they are a saver for me. In winter I wear them with a sock liner underneath. Made especially to keep people warm when they are in below freezing temps.

Shoes...Merrils make some great slide on type shoes that are water proof, insultated, warm, and hold up great in all weather. They have a wide variety of colors and style, including boots. I just like the slide on one because I don't have to bend over and pre-sync to get them on!

Gloves...I have waterproof ones and add special glove liners to them.

Hand warmers and foot warmers...The stores buy me an extra box and I use them whenever I need them especially in winter. The ones that you open the plastic thing and they warm up when air hits them. Most of the brands are good but some are better than others.

Some of this really does cost some money, but for us it was really worth it to have me warm and happy. Also the stuff wears really well and you can use it over and over and over again.

Oh, a good hat to keep your head warm. I have one lined in fleece that covers my ears, and the outerpart in a knit wool blend. If you get a really good store they will help you out, and give you alot of options. A good fleece jacket, and a waterproof/wind resistent shell is very important too. I've had mine for many, many years, and they still look new, because they wear so well.

Hope this helps!!!

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I love slipper socks together with warm fuzzy slippers. I haven't found any good shoes yet, so I usually end up wearing ski-socks with them! (and if I'm really cold and desperate, those ski foot warmers!)

Good luck!

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Hi guys thank you so much for you footie advice.. its a big help.. now I have some idea of what kind of stuff to get to be well prepared!!

Steph.. nope in this end of things it seems as though we have winter weather for 9 months out of the year!!! no spring no fall.. just winter and summer..!! LOL :rolleyes::PB):unsure:

No really I am starting to have a problem keeping my tootsie toes warm.. I have had to resort to wearing sock in the summer time!! YUCK!! Its summer your fet should be able to breath... LOL

thanks again!

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thanks for the topic, linda, and for all the good ideas from everyone else. some are new to me, some just good reminders, but i think i'm going to have to get myself in gear since i'm in cleveland now. i was cold enough in baltimore.

i'm thinking i'll have to start making a list for birthday/christmas & make do with what i have until then!

one thing to add...it may be the nice long underwear that blackbird mentioned, but there is a brand called "cozies" that are great. really thin but really warm. especially great if you don't want all the bulk. they come in all varieties of tops & bottoms & are generally found in department stores, though there is a "discount" version that i saw at target this past year. they're not cheap but seem to go on sale regularly so if you keep your eyes open....a few tops &/or bottoms are definitely worth the investment.

here's hoping for lots of perfect (not too hot, not too cold) weather for all this fall!

:rolleyes: melissa

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I bought a pair of shearling-lined Ugg boots a couple years ago and I LIVE in them in the winter, when I have to wear shoes. If I don't, I wear a pair of fleece-lined moccasins with cashmere socks (sounds fancy, but I got the socks on sale for $8 last spring). The cashmere socks are much warmer than any other socks that I wear, and if you need to dress nicely, they are appropriate. But they can be expensive in the winter season. Shop around online.


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i don't have any advice for 'outside' wear...

...but i DO have the perfect thing for when you get home!

they are called Cosy Soles (www.cosysoles.ca). these are the best thing since sliced bread in my opinion. :) i love, love, love them and have raved about them before on this site.

i have tried many different types of things you heat up, warm up, etc. and these are by far the best. expensive, but worth every penny, i promise. i wear them all year round! even in the summer in the A/C. i use them every single day! :wub:


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