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very high tachycardia and new sleepy med..:(


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Hi all...

sorry I havent been around much over the last couple of days.. boy what a week!

Well I will start with earlier in the week... as you guys know I have been having a horrible time with insomnia.. (along with all the usual potsy stuff) sunday night rolls around and no sleep not wink! I was up over 24 hours straight.. and tuesday came still no sleep.. so it had been like 2 days.. and I was starting to feel the effect of not being able to sleep at all...

so I caved and called the doc for something to help me sleep.. a medication called Remeron 30mg. at bed time..now forgive me but from tuesday night on are somewhat blurry to me..

I took the medicationtues. night.. and after about an hour of taking it I felt really "funny" I was laying in bed and I got the incredibly colorful bright lights around my eyeballs.. and my head felt like it was all messed up.. i didnt really like the feeling.. but thought that maybe it will go away after I fall asleep..

well i fell alseep allright.. I was incapacitated for 2 days..I think it was wednesday.. I vaguely remeber trying to get up around 3pm and my legs felt like rubber.. and every muscle in my body felt really weird.. I felt like rubber..I could not stand..I was so dizzy and "rubbery" feeling.. I literally crawled back to bed.. and slept till after 7 that evening..my boyfirend tells me that he was worried about me because I was very disoriented.. and just out of it..

I got up after sleeping for a good 18-19 hours..(I know I shouldnt complain I slept!!!) and I was so thirsty feeling.. i drank a 64oz bottle of gatorade and about 30 oz of water in about an 2 hours time.. and then went back to bed.. and slept well into the late afternnon of the next day..

Now my question is have any of you ever tried taking remeron for sleep? and did you have this reaction for it?

I can remeber laying in bed at some point and time during these 2 days.. and I remmeber thinking that i need to call 9-1-1.. I need to get to a hospital.. and I couldnt move to get up or reach for the phone ...I must say that that I felt very heavy almost like i was paralyzed.. that was a very scary feeling.. i was here at home alone.. and there is nobody around to really check on me.. :rolleyes: needless to say that that was scary..

well to cut my ramblings down some.. I did some reading on the medication that i took.. and some of the things that i was reading was an indicator of an over dose.. now i only took the one pill.. i think that its safe to say that i have a not so cool reaction to this medication..

I was so out of ...i never want to feel like that again..

Now with how I felt thrsday night and friday and today.. I have to wonder if how I was feeling wed/thurs. wasnt in part medication and pots..thursday night..at about 1-2am.. I started getting some nasty tachycardia..it was beating really really fast in about every 5-10 seconds I would get a really hard BUMP thump kinda thing in my heart.. then more fast beating..this lasted about 10 minutes.. I thamk god that i was allready laying down.. because I i am pretty sure that had I been standing when this happened.. I wold have fallen down..!

But that set of a tachycardia attack.. and I must say that it is one the worst ones that I have ever had..

yesterday my HR was 184 laying down.. in a dark room with AC going.. I recorded my HR at one point at 240.. just standing up and walking out eh BDR door to the bathroom..it was so very fast.. and made me feel so sick.. and SOOOOO short of breath..I could do nothing but lay there.. and wait for it too pass and yet a..finally last night after my 3rd dose of propranolol it started to slow down.. now it is in about the 140 range.. much better then last night..

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Guys my body is SO SO worn out and fatigued that i can barely stand it.. I wednesday was so scary and unlike anyting I have ever felt before..I was thinking last night that I could have died or something.. and nobody would have know right away anyways.. my boyfiriend never checked on me till nearly 7 that night..he said that I scared him..but yet did not call for help.. and he had been home from work for over 3hours.. and that was the first time he checked on me..

sorry all I am majorly just whinning now.. sorry!!

But I feel better now that i have gotten all this off my chest...

FYI.. I have an appointment to see my cardio doc tuesday.. and then an app, to see my regular doc next week..

I think that I probably should have gone to the ER..but am so hestitant to even go and deal with them "insensitive.. RUDE..I dont know what pots is docs".. probably a stupid decision on my part...

ok iw ill stop now.. thanks for listening all...


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Oh yeah i forgot to mention.. I am not taking that crazy med.. remeron anymore.. I took it that first night.. and I'll be darned if i am going to take it again.. I am back to insomnia once again.. but I dont ever want to feel like that again...! scary!

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i am so sorry for your horrible experience, yes , next time go to the er, i know that is the most frustrating place for us,but you never know if something else may be happening. i was given medication before an mri ,and had a similar experience,not as bad as yours but it was pretty scary and iwas down for about 3 days. your boyfriend should have checked on you sooner.if you havent already you need to sit him down and explain your illness to him,and the effects many medications can have on you.i get so angry at boyfriends and husbands that just dont get it.it took my daughters boyfriend a little while to understand.but now he is so attentive to her , i no longer worry when she is with him.as far as my own husband i dont think he will ever get it!!! good luck at your appt,keep us informed


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hi sally ann..

i know what you mean about hubby's and boyfriends!!

My boyfriend doesnt even try to understand.. acording to him... it is imposible for aperson to feel sick so often...

that is such a dumb thing to say..

But i am feeling "better" tonight then i did earliier.. thank god!!

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whew, fun with remeron huh? :D

when i saw 'remeron' i went, 'oh no.' that drug was a nightmare for me too. i don't know what dose i took...but it made me feel really scary too...that unbelievable can't move, weak feeling you describe and so dizzy and unclear and unfocused. different than any other drug i have experienced. it was scary. and i stopped it right away too after i talked to the psychiatric nurse practitioner who prescribed it.

i usually give every med the 'college try' but she was like, nope, don't take that one anymore...

sorry you had such a nightmare on it.

i'm still not sleeping either and i hate it.

as for your boyfriend...what are we gonna do with him??? :P

later alligator,


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OH NO!! you had the remeron Mightmare experience too!! I am so sorry about that..and yes it was very scary.. I thougt I was going to meet my creator..I really did...

I will never take that again.. :P

I am not sleeping wither Em.. I was up till almost 8am this morning.. and only slept about 2-3 hours... and its been like this for weeks and weeks now! IWANNA SLEEP!!

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Hi dizzy,

That must have been scary with that med. That is a big reason why I don't want to try anything new.

That heartrate was scary also. Did you speak to your cardio when it happened? 240 is high. Did you feel like a early beat and then your heart took off? That would have sent me to the e.r. I can't take the tachycardia. When mine has hit 150 I really wigged out.

Hope you are feeling better now. Please let us know what your Dr. says.

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sorry you've been having a rough time...and i wondered why i've been hesitant to talk to the doc about sleep meds!!

i don't have any remerson wisdom or stories to add but do hope that you're able to climb out of the havoc it seems to have wrecked on you as of late...as scary as some of my symptoms can be at times i think that nasty med rxns can be even scarier.

one thing (and this is a do as i say, not as i do)...you are not "caving" by calling the doc about your sleeping. like em has said, sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture...so it's something that is worth calling the doc about and trying to fix...

and while i can't say that you shouldn't have gone to the ER - you probably should have - i can't say that i wouldn't have done the same thing (not gone). i used to be afraid that they would blow me off & more recently i tend to be afraid that they won't let me leave the hospital...

in re: the boyfriend...i want to slap some sense into him (sorry!) but know that relationships are not so easily dealt with. i know this isn't the first time his support (or lack thereof) has been an issue though & for your sake that does worry me. his not checking on you reminds me of a time that a former roommate found me passed out on the floor, checked that i had a pulse, and - no, i'm not making this up - put a pillow under my head & left me there. can you believe that??!! i was not in good shape & once i woke up & got myself to the student health center i was taken to the ER by campus security & ended up in the hospital for a week.

anyway, i hope you're feeling a bit better & that your doc appt tomorrow goes well. let us know...


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My brother takes remeron...and he never seems to be able to get out of bed. He's got lots of mental health issues, and that particular drug turns him into a complete zombie. It's an antidepressant, and it also has an effect on how much histamine is floating around in your system, which is believed to be why it makes you sleepy.

Keep in mind, and med intended for sleep can also depress the central nervous system, which in turn can lead to really low bp, and that can lead to high tachy and dizziness.

Rather than this particular type of way of addressing sleep, you might ask your doc for something that's shorter acting and wont leave you so wasted during the day. Some meds that work for members here include Ambien and also Doxepin. I've tried both, and both work great for me. I've chosen to stick with ambien b/c I have trouble falling asleep, not staying asleep. Doxepin is supposed to work pretty good for folks with trouble both falling & staying asleep.



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nina and linda,

i did the doxepin thing and was up to a fairly high dose 2 ml of the 10 mg/1 ml

strength and i still did not sleep! can you believe that???

it's nuts. also, i had to work up very, very gradually on it and at 2 ml had a lot of dizziness and tachy...so it did aggravate the pots stuff. but it was tolerable. not like remeron! nothing like remeron!

linda, i so hope you get sleep...i so hope i do too! we need it!

melissa...that was an awful story! that made me so sad what your roommate did to you.


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Hi all..

I was on ambien for 2 yrs.. and at first it worked very well.. in regards to sleeping.. but then after a while it stopped working..

so I stopped taking it..

and then insomnia just has gotten SO bad that i needed something to help me sleep..

but I must say that I am going to use much much more caution when it comes to taking something for sleep.. or any med for that matter..

Em.. I really hope that you get some much needed sleep tonight...hope you have "sweet dreams"

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Hey dizzy..sorry you had such a horrible few days! It must be scary living alone with this illness..it got me thinking of those commercials I see for senior citizens that have electronic montiors that can call for help. You know like those "life alerts" and I think ADT has a monitoring service now..you just wear a pendent or bracelet and if you need medical attention you push the button. I haven't done any research so I don't know the cost or really much about it..just thought it might be something that you could look into..maybe it would help you to feel more secure? :blink:

As for your boyfriend..I won't say too much as I don't know anything about your relationship..but as Mel said..I remember that he has not been supportive of you in the past...I wonder if he's someone that's willing to understand your condition and be supportive..and if not...what exactly does he bring to your life? :)

I hope I didn't overstep your bounderies...just worried about you! Hope you get some much needed rest and peace soon!

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in october I checked in to getting life alert installed in my home.. and a social worker came to the house.. and I did not qualify for the service .. at least through this agency.. as I am young.. and Dysautonomia.. according to this person.. is not considered a life threatening condition..

mind you at the time I was lving alone.. and had no body around to support me.. and was passsing out so much.. and for undetermined amounts of time.. HELLO!!

but I never thought of ADT or something.. I will have to look into that!

and no you did not over step my boundaries..its all good!


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