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thanks to Dancinglight (Emily) for reminding me

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Guess I've been busy! I didn't notice, but Em sent me a private message...actually, I think this post makes 2001...and I thought I'd celebrate with everyone. Thanks for being here and not making moderating feel like work.

Hugs to you all. Nina

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Uh, I think my real name might be something like Talky McTalks Alot? I think Typie McTypes Alot is already taken <_< (you know who you are).


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oh poop nina! <_< i was gonna post a little surprise celebration for you! you beat me to it! oh well! all the same...

2000 is a lot! katherine hit 1000 this right before she left for her trip!

anyway, i love days that celebrate a person...like birthdays...it's all about YOU today NINA! i love that!

soooo...thank you so much for keeping us in line, keeping this community alive, supporting us, answering the same questions over and over, making us laugh, and most importantly thank you for being YOU and for helping to create what this forum is about--a safe and welcoming community to find suport and answers in this crazy world of dysautonomia. this is a very unique and special community.

sooooo....i cannot accuse you of talking or typing too much b/c i am worse! all i can say is...we love you here and we don't need you to 'shut up' or anything! keep on typin' and we'll keep readin'...

thank you for all of the time and energy you give to DINET...

happy 2000 nina! :P i think we just maybe should get you those steak knives steph suggested.

love, em

p.s. steph....what is up with you these days...you sure are ornery! (sp?)...sassy, sassy, sassy you are! :) yes, i do love lidocaine! :) okay, done teasing you now. anyway, you are totally cracking me up with your posts!

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Thanks for all of the wisdom that you have imparted to we dysautonomia newbies, Nina! I'm so thankful for your careful dedication to keeping this site safe welcoming for all of us partners in POTS.

Thanks again and enjoy your imaginary tickertape parade!


P.S. -- Em, how on earth do you keep track of how many posts people read?! :) It never even occured to me to do that! :huh: Just noticed that you just passed 777! Thanks for giving us all something to celebrate! :P

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congrats on those mighty typing hands nina! and many thanks for all you've done & continue to do on the forum.

granted i may be easily amused, but when i logged on today for the first time since last week you were at 2005 posts, which i thought was pretty cool...


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Oh man...you all sure are a nice hug for my spirit tonight.

I'm late up keeping Emily (dancinglight) company with sleeplessness... mostly self inflicted. I worked out on my pilates tonight and my body isn't happy about how late I did so. When I work out after dinner hour, I'm always up late--for some reason the exercise wakes up my brain for hours past when my body really needs to be resting. That, and I didn't take my oxycontin today, so now the post exercise pain has set in, and the meds wont work as well. OH well. I didn't mean to add a pity party to the 2000 post party :P

and you're nice words made me feel much less cranky. Heck, you even made me smile :) despite the fact that I SOOoooOOOOoooo want to be sleeping.

giant contented sigh...


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Guest Julia59


Congratulations! Thanks for being here for us, and answering the many questions I have sent your way.

Also, thank you for all your endless work on fundraising, research----and just keeping us company.

You help whip my bad attitude into a better attitude. You are a positive force in this beautiful web site-(thanks Michelle)

People like you make the world a happier place. B)

Julie :0)

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