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Hi everyone,

i'm new, i'm becky i'm 23 and i have POTS and vvs.

anyway, i was just wondering if anyone else has tried accupunture?

i had a two month course last year to help me with pain management for my migraines, i couldn't get it on the nhs as my doctors didn't believe there was anything wrong with me, which seems to be a common problem with us!

i found that this really helped with my migraines (i didn't have one for four months and now when i get them they are nowhere near as severe) but it also helped with my dizziness, obviously i wasn't cured but i did feel a lot more relaxed perhaps that helped my symptoms, i'm not sure.

i just thought i would post this and see if anyone has tried it and also it might be something that you were thinking of trying. i am going to see if i can get it on the nhs at my new address in wales because i am getting quite potsy again, vertigo, dizziness fainting palpitations etc, and it helped a bit last time!

take care everyone.

becky x x x

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Hi Becky,

I'm new also and I've been diagnosed so far with inappropriate sinus tachycardia. The docs know I have some form of Dysautonomia, but they don't know exactly what or why it happened. I've been sick for 4 months now.

I actually asked my doctor what she thought about acupuncture and she told me that it's great if you have pain. However, she wasn't sure about how it would work with me. I have lots of dizzyness and lightheadedness where I feel as if I'm going to pass out. My doctor told me that until we figure out what exactly is wrong, she wouldn't know what to say to the acupuncturist about where to put the needles, etc.

But if you have a diagnosis, maybe you should ask your doctor what he/she thinks. Or call a local acupuncturist to see if they know anything about dysautonomias. Otherwise, they may not have a clue as to where to put the needles...

Let me know if you go and how it is!! So many people have been telling me to get acupuncture and see if it works, but it makes me nervous! :)


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I only used accupuncture to treat my migraines, not dysautonomia. In fact, the treatments sometimes made me very dizzy and dropped my bp too low.


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hi becky -

i don't have any experience with accupuncture (though i have considered it & would consider it in the future.) but...i just wanted to say welcome. sorry you have reason to be here but glad you found the forum. it's a great resource with lots of info & great people to go along with it.


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Guest GayleP

I have found acupuncture to be really useful because it helps with some of the problems that can aggravate dysautonomia, like migraines, sinus problems, IBS etc..

Nina is right, some people can experience a BP crash from the needles. My acupuncturist fortunately is aware of that issue and trys to avoid that happening to me. Certain needle points seem to trigger that.

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Welcome Becky!

I'm 21 with POTS & CFS. I've had acupuncture treatments for my migraines and gained tremendous relief from them. A skilled and knowledgeable acupuncturist is a treasure! :unsure:

I did have some acupunture sessions early in the onset of my dysautonomia symptoms, hoping that it would be as helpful as it proved with the migraines, but found that it did very little to improve them. I did feel, as you mentioned, more relaxed certainly, but the slight tiredness that I usually experience after acupuncture merely added to my fatigue. I couldn't afford to continue with the treatments without seeing more benefit.

Hope things go through with the nhs and that you start to feel a tad less POTSy!


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As I could never afford to get acupuncture treatments on a regular basis as a preventative measure for migraines, I can't help you there. However, I did find that it was extremely helpful in the midst of migraines. I went through a period of five months of constant migraine pain (woke up with it, had it all day, fell asleep with it); it was the worst time in my life until I got POTS/CFS. Nothing lessened the pain until I started acupuncture.

During each session, the pain increased during the first 5-10 minutes, but after that the pain just melted away to a much lesser degree. Eventually, the migraines stopped completely for a number of months.

I began to have some short migraines later when I was having a lot of trouble with dysautonomia symptoms, but they were to a much lesser degree and were nothing that tolerance and sleep couldn't handle. So, I don't think that acupuncture has any long-term ability to stave off migraines, unless perhaps if you have regular treatments, but I won't speculate on that point.

All in all, my experience with acupuncture has indicated that in my case (I can't speak for anyone else), the treatments help push the migraine through faster.

Hope this helps!


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