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My SSDI was approved


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Just wanted everyone to know that my SSDI was approved which makes my financial situation much beter. At least I'll have health insurance soon.

I was approved for : Fibromyalgia, neuropathy, Progressive Pots, chronic pain, and depression.

What a relief..now when we get the house sold, e can start all over again. Yep-Yep!!


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I am kind of new here so bare with me.....i just started the ssdi process in the last couple of months and it has been a nightmare.....my diagnosis is hypothyroidism, bipolar disorder and POTS........the paperwork is never ending and they have told me that just because my drs say i am unable to work does not mean i will be approved.....does anyone know what it does take and how the best way is to go about it?????

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I may be able to help some on this. I filed October2002 and got denied, did the reconsideration appeal and got denied april 2003...then the heavy arms come out. I went and got a lawyer, and went before the judge in August 2003 but he had everything he needed but an evaluation done by my pyshiratris(however ya spell that) so I had an evaluation done and last friday my lawyer called and said the judge was going to make a decision instead of going back into court and thats when he awarded me fully favorable.

Just be honest and I know what ya mean about the paperwork. Yeak!!!


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I highly recommend that anyone going through the approval process for SSI, SSDI, LTD (both ERISA and non-ERISA) or going through a review join the Disinissues group at Yahoo. com.:


The advisors in this group include attorneys who specialize in these fields, as well as patient representatives. In addition, patients offer what worked or didn't work for them.

The information provided by this group is invaluable; I have learned a great deal from them just from reading the emails and wish it had been available when I was going through the initial application processes. (Even though I already had a very capable attorney fighting my LTD review battle last year, I read these faithfully every day.)

Their links also include information on Canadian pension matters although the emails have been limited to U.S. plans only.

You can win disability with the right stategy.

I hope you find this information empowering! <_<


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