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Permanent Hearing Loss and Dysautonomia


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I have done a seach on the forums and looked through old posts regarding this but most aren't dealing with a permanent loss of hearing. I know it's common in POTS to have hearing loss and ringing in the ears when our BP drops or right before passing out but how many of you have a permanent hearing loss that is always there?

I had a hearing test done over 5 yrs ago that showed conductive hearing loss and was significant but it has gradually become much worse causing me to rely on closed captioning when watching tv, difficulty talking on phones, and using lip reading. I can tell it gets worse each year. I wonder if anyone else has had this progression or hearing loss this severe? I'm not old enough for it to be an age issue and it started after my POTS diagnosis and when my illness became quite severe so I thought they might be related. 

Of course insurance (Medicare) doesn't cover hearing aids so after a long desperate search I found some new affordable ones online made by Siemens that were only about $70 and it has been a life changer! I can actually talk to people in person now and don't have to have them repeat everything over and over only to still not understand. 

I am just curious if this is something common with Dysautonomia or if I just am different and if you have found anything else that helps. Thanks!

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I have hearing issues like not being able to hear well in restaurants or places where there is lots of back ground noise.  I have not been tested so unsure of actual loss. I hope this improves for you.


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I don't think that permanent hearing loss is a symptom of dysautonomia. Hearing loss can be caused due to several reasons like damage to the inner ear, infections, otosclerosis, etc. But it is true that dysautonomia is connected to hearing loss. My sister who is suffering from dysautonomia. She also has migraine problem,  stomach pain, breathing problem, mood swings and some hearing problems which are connected to her dysautonomia. Actually, here hearing loss is not a permanent one, but she has difficulty while hearing both low-frequency and high-frequency sound. Currently, she is using temporary open fit hearing aids as per the prescription of her audiologist in Toronto. If your hearing loss is connected to dysautonomia, then it can be cured with proper treatment unless you have an ear infection or related disorders. All the best. 

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My Grandmother, her sister and my Dad all had H-EDS and had hearing loss requiring hearing aids, all did turn gray in the very early 20's too!  Hearing loss started in their early 20's as well!  So far my Son#2 who has H-EDS and POTS does not appear to have hearing loss!  I have a first cousin who is now 67 and has had lifelong hearing loss but does not require a hearing aid.  Dad had a second cousin in the same family group as his grandmother who turned gray in her very early 20's and also had hearing loss requiring a hearing aid.  


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