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    Hi all, I’m suffering from meniere's disease and recently I noticed that I have some hearing problems in my right ear. I’m not sure whether this is because of meniere's disease but one of my friends told me that her aunt had a similar experience and later she lost her hearing ability completely. I’m scared and wondering whether this could happen to me also. I’m planning to get an appointment with an expert audiologist in Calgary. Does anyone here have this condition and have you gotten any special treatment to address this concern? Does anyone with this condition use HAs? Any thoughts?
  2. I don't think that permanent hearing loss is a symptom of dysautonomia. Hearing loss can be caused due to several reasons like damage to the inner ear, infections, otosclerosis, etc. But it is true that dysautonomia is connected to hearing loss. My sister who is suffering from dysautonomia. She also has migraine problem, stomach pain, breathing problem, mood swings and some hearing problems which are connected to her dysautonomia. Actually, here hearing loss is not a permanent one, but she has difficulty while hearing both low-frequency and high-frequency sound. Currently, she is using temporary open fit hearing aids as per the prescription of her audiologist in Toronto. If your hearing loss is connected to dysautonomia, then it can be cured with proper treatment unless you have an ear infection or related disorders. All the best.