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I dreamed about you guys!

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I have had trouble this week with insomnia, like some of you and I took lots of compazine and ativan last night to get to sleep. Well, the drugs really worked because I had the most vivid dream.

I was at a huge reception and there was a gift shop. So, of course, I am dying to go shopping, but I thought that first I should visit with a few people. It was in Denver and it was a really pretty glass mountain reception hall. I kept hearing "pop" every once in a while, but then realized that it was more like "smack", so I kept hearing this and was walking around to try and figure out what the smacking sound was. Talking, visiting and "smack", but I couldn't see what it was. I was visiting with a few people when I suddenly found myself on the floor. Smack! Then in my dream it all came clear. I was at a POTS reception and the "smack" was everyone standing too long and hitting the floor just like I did!! Someone must have mentioned some get together in a post somewhere and it stuck in my brain. Anyway, I think if that takes place, everyone should bring a chair- because this dream was soooo lifelike!!

I hope that no one is offended by this, I just thought that it was funny that I would dream such a thing!!

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LOL...thanks for sharing! it definitely gave me a laugh:-) hope your new meds are helping you get some better rest (even if they are "enhancing" your dreams)!


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