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Hey, I'm new to the board

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Hi, I've been with DYNA for about 3 months now, but I just realized that there was a forum here! -Hmm, I'll try to blame it on brain fog.

Anyway, I've got an appointment with an electrophysiologist coming up in a couple of weeks at the suggestion of my cardiologist, who has been my primary care throughout the past 6 months. I doubt that the guy has heard of dysautonomia, and so I'm not really sure what to bring up when I'm there... I mean, I had a Holter test about 18 months ago, and at least now they'd know what they are looking for, but I don't know if they can do like a standing echo or something? I mean, I don't really know how to explain the whole, I get tachycardia when I stand up thing- I mean, I'm already on toprol and midodrine, but neither of them seems to help the heart rate. I mean, I know that some of the original researchers of dysautonomia are electrophysiologists, but I already have a cardiologist, so I'm not sure what she thinks this guy could do for me that she couldn't.

Sorry if I'm not being clear here. Have any of you been to an electrophysiologist, and if so, what was your experience with him/her?


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I grew up in Richmond, VA!!! Welcome to the site!!

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that after many months of my being sick it was a Dr in Richmond that diagnosed me.

I may be able to help you with some local referrals that can get you on the right track or recommend electrophysiologist in your area.

I will try to send you a personal message.

Also, there are some people who've gone to UVA in Charlottesville. Would that be a possibility for you?

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Hi Lukky-

Welcome! I too took a while to find the forum on this site....funny thing is I knew about the site just didn't realize it had a forum. I was involved with DYNA for several years & still am put only very peripherally as I'm a bit on the "old" side (not in general, but as far as DYNA goes.) DYNA's a great group though, so I'm glad that you've gotten involved. As far as an EP goes, it totally depends on the doc; honestly that goes for any/every specialty out there, ya know? While there are some that tend to know about dysautonomias more than others, there are always surprises - both good and bad. It sounds like your cardiologist has some clue & thus probably has good reason to be pointing you to the EP...is she recommending someone in particular or just an EP in general. Good luck...the doc things is definitely tough, as most on here can attest to.


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