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Passed Out--fell down stairs

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I passed out about an hour ago while going down the stairs. I felt it coming on and I was only 3 stairs to the bottom platform (I was at home). I think I broke 2 or 3 toes and pulled a muscle in my hip. (thankful it's not worse than it is!)

I'm incredibly frustrated and want to SCREAM!!!!! I am so tired of feeling bad, so tired of feeling alone so much of the time (you guys are truly a support and a blessing to me and my life but I'm still physically alone). I want to be independent but I'm limited. I don't see the point in going to the ER or Urgent care....that would just be more $ down the drain and there's nothing they can really do for toes anyway.

I can't take aspirin, tylenol or advil because of drug intolerance. I am using ice right now. :):angry:

Thanks for letting me vent!! :D

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Hey, if it's any consolation, I broke my foot- snapped two metatarsals in my left foot- just getting out of bed one morning. that's the thing with POTS- it takes away all of your control.

I hope you feel better soon. The one thing about toes is, once they're broken, there's nothing a medic can do- they just have to heal on their own.

Maybe go back to bed, taking it VERY easy, making sure you're not on your own much over the next few days.

Hugs and stuff,

P x x :)

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that's an oops... a few weeks ago I fractured my skull and split my scalp in two places when I passed out and hit the back of my head on a stone-topped coffee table. I was very lucky that as I was going down, I rotated so that I hit my head instead of my face. That would have been a broken nose (at minimum) and a few teeth.

Sorry you're so frustrated. I think we all get to that palce sometimes. By the way, you might want to try taping those toes together to limit motion, but you're correct, not much you can do to fix broken toes other than time. If your hip or anything else hurts, you should get yourself to a physian.


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Ouch, very sorry to hear that. I have a couple of toes that I'm sure I broke over the years too. Not much you can do about that but I agree that you don't want to mess around with your hip. If it does not feel better in a few days, or feels a lot worse in the a.m., please consider getting it checked out. Don't won't to be laid up with hip trouble!

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I am so sorry that you passed out on the stairs. Sorry about your toes too, thats gotta hurt, can you go see your family doc Monday to get your hip checked out?

I hope that you are feeling alittle bit better tonight, take it easy over the next few days...



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OH POOP!!!! I hear you on wanting to scream...so here goes...Stacey has taught me the 'virtual scream'. Very therapeutic. Are you ready? Here goes...



I am sorry about this additional 'incident'...hope the scream helps just a little...



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Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and words of comfort!

Nina, that sounds like a very serious fall you had!! I hope you will be okay!

Emily, thanks for teaching me the scream...it really does help and brought a smile to my face.

I put ice on my foot all evening and went to bed with ice on it too and that helped. The swelling isn't as bad as I thought it would be but the pain in incredible. It helps as long as I keep ice on it and keep it elevated. I can't put any pressure on any part of my foot today which surprises me since the swelling isn't too bad.

Oh well, looks like I'm resting on the couch for the next couple of days.

This too shall pass and I am thankful it wasn't worse!

As Pooh would say, "Oh Bother!" :blink:

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I am fine my dear Pooh, thanks for asking :) My spouse was an EMT in an inner city unit, then an EMT instructor...and then became a surgical assistant in the Military--they are trained to be "field doctors", so I have the luxury of in-home, FREE medical care for my boo-boos. :blink: I'd share but you're all too far away.


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Guest Julia59

Just checking in on you to see how you are doing............ :blink:

I had a nice talk with you last night----I hope your in less pain today.

I hope I didn't ramble your ear off too much---there's so much to talk about.

All the things we see and experience----uggg---we could right a book.

Hang in there---i'm keeping you in my prayers.

Julie ;0)

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Thanks for checking in on me. I'm quite exhausted today and in pain but considering everything I'm doing o.k.

No, you didn't ramble last night; like you said there's just so much information...we really could all write a book with the experiences we've had!!

Well, I need to re-ice my foot and get it elevated again as it's hurting more since I'm up

Take care and thanks again for checking on me :blink:

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I'll reiterate the "oh bother" line....as if things aren't tough/frustrating enough without the added injuries, eh? I hope you're healing okay...I know how much those toes can hurt from my horseback riding days (horse foot on my foot = ouch) anda pulled hip from my running days. I too have taken the plunge down stairs...twice, and the second time resulting in my eventually having to have a cervical fusion from the injury. Not something I'd recommend.

It's so hard to balance the wanting to push oneself with the being careful though...no easy answer. Hang in there!


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