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Positive Thinking

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ok, I'm having a really hard day here. The POTS is out of control (last night every time I turned my head I started to black out), and I have another apparently neuromuscular codition happening that's also out of whack this week.

Trying to keep my spirits up, so i thought I'd start a new thread about how our POTS may have affected our lives in a positive way.

A lot of brainfog now, so I'll start with just something short.

-I've learned to try to appreciate small accomplishments.

-I work as an artist /musician, my work is definetly deeper than it would have been otherwise

-I'm learning that there are people who really care, even those that I did not necessarily feel a connection with before

Hoping this discussion will cheer us up a bit


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Well, a few things I've tried to turn into positives....

#1 I have more compassion and understanding for anyone with chronic illness

#2 I have gained knowledge and experience with Social Security system and have been able to help some others.

#3 I have more time to volunteer at my church and am helping set up a book of local resources and information to try to help others who face a variety of needs.

#4 I recently (because I went to Mayo in FL) got a hotel off the beach and enjoyed the beauty of sunrise, sunset and a dolphin sighting or two even though I can't really be in the sun. It was a tradeoff I guess because the Mayo clinic is certainly not fun but I would have normally never treated myself to an oceanfront room.

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hi i though that I would chime in here too.

I have come to have more understanding and patients with my self.

I have a better knowledge of how the ANS system works

I have even more campassion and empathy for persons who are disabled, no matter what there disability maybe.

I have realized that chronic illness can impact you life to the point of debilitation, and I learned to cherish the days or sometimes charish the hours, that i have that I can live life as a "Normal" person.

I also cherish all the wonderful people that have come in to my life since I became ill, and for "True friends that have stood by me even during my darkest hour.

this was a good idea to list the positive things that have come out of pots!

One past good thing... we all have each other on this forum :)

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Interesting topic.

1 - I am learning medical knowledge.

2 - I am starting to learn how to communicate with doctors!

3 - I am more understanding of human nature

4 - I learn how to set my priorities

5 - I found out who my true friends are

6 - I am discovering myself

If I find more I will post again!


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I'm sorry you're having a bad time because of POTS. I have to go to bed, because it's late here, but the first thing that came in my mind is: friendship. POTS gave me some really special friends, who I wouldn't want to miss for the world. They're helping me through. And I hope I mean something to them.

I can think of much more, but as I said, I need to go to sleep!

I hope you'll have a better night then the last one, best wishes to you,


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This is a nice topic!

I have learned that i have more inner strength than I thought I had.

Leaving work and going on disability has given me more time to be with my grandchildren. ( I swear my 1year old grandsons smile does me more good than any of the meds Im on).

I realized my career consumed so much of my life and now I just enjoy the flowers and sunsets.

Ive learned to stop and smell the roses.

I just applied for a masters program hoping to stay on the better side of POTS and get into research.

I learned I can plant my garden at night when its cool outside and Im getting to meet all the night time creaters that nibble my veggies.

And the most positive thing is that I really appreciate being alive and thank God I can still live.



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Having been ill gives me perspective that I don't think I would have acheived, or at least not at this stage of my life if I didn't have an illness.

I have so much more compassion for anyone who is ill or who is a caregiver. In particular, the families whose children are in my schools have such complicated lives, and so many care demands that it makes me think my life is pretty darned simple.

I've learned to savour the small victories....not just my own, but I genuinely get excited for the accomplishments of others.

I've learned to never give up on hopes and dreams...

I've learned to think positively...thinking negatively never gets me anywhere

I've learned to take risks--I don't want to live with regrets like I would have, I should have, I could have...If the opportunity is there, I grab it. If I don't, either it might never come again, or I might be too sick to take it on.

I've learned giving of myself when I am able matters...

and an even harder lesson, taking help or asking for it when I really need it...and learning to say "no".


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:P Hi Everybody - This is a great topic , here are a few good things that have come out of being diagnosed with POTS for me: 1: :D Smile often, no matter how bad I am feeling - It makes me feel better and makes other people smile back - Its a win, win situation, they could be feeling worse than I am and that one smile I give them could be the only one they get that day. 2. :) Be positive and surround myself with positive people - It doesn't do any good to feel sorry for myself - There are others sicker than me and although this has changed my life drastically, it will not kill me. 3. Everything happens for a reason, even though the reasons aren't always clear to us at the moment, they will become evident at some point. 4. I've become a more compassionate and stronger person since being sick and will never take my health for granted again. 5.Your true friends will be there for you no matter what, and for those who turned out not to be true friends - so what, who needed them anyway!!!! :angry::rolleyes: 6. My husband really is my best friend - sticking with me through sickness, as well as health(maybe one day I'll get the health part back again! ;) ) 7. Thanks for being such a great support system on this forum. It helps to have others understand what I am going through. Good night. B) Beth
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Hi, I'm new to the forum and would like to share some encouragement. Poohbear's post was exactly what I have experienced. In addition, my faith has been deepened. I cherish each day with my children and feel blessed to be home with them even if it is under bad circumstances. I have no judgement towards others because having a debilitating illness has made me realize that sometimes you just don't know the whole story when dealing with others. We all have mountains to move. As terrible as this is living with this cruel and mysterious illness,I would not want it to go away because of the value it has in my life. It stinks- yes, but it also has been an experience I am very thankful for because of the changes in myself being sick has brought. I am not the same person I was before I got sick. I know how fragile life is and take nothing for granted. I appreciate you for illuminating some happiness here!


PS As a newbie, I am trying to figure out how to post so I apologize for my previous goof-up!

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The biggest positive for me was finally getting my priorities straight, After being a workaholic for 20 years I have finally realized that my family and my health is the top priority. I have also finally begun to be able to accept help from others where as before I would never ask for help with anything, I viewed it as a weakness.

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1) You learn how to think laterally and improvise!

2) You really appreciate any achievements

3) You stop taking things for granted

4) you can understand chronic illness more

5) I don't know about you guys, but since I was able to point my own Doctors towards the diagnosis and be proved right, I feel a bit more confident about knowing my body. Not that I ever WAS afraid to answer people back, mind :angry: It's just that now I'm even more determined to speak up. I have proof that my view does matter and IS right! :rolleyes:B)

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I really enjoyed reading these posts! For me personally, there are quite a few good things that have come out of this whole experience.

I've learned to be compassionate towards everyone, no matter how small their problems may seem.

I've become a stronger person than I could've imagined.

I've learned to stick up for myself and fight for what I believe in.

I've figured out that one trip to Disney World would never have meant so much.

I've learned that people with chronic illness can and should accomplish everything their heart desires, even if it takes ten times as long.

I've learned that our society is completely screwed up, has its priorities all wrong, and cares nothing for anyone but itself.

I've learned who my real friends are, and toughed it out with my family too.

I've learned that moms can do anything in the world- my mom has been by my side through every hurdle- and as a mom myself I never imagined some of the things I could handle with POTS.

I've become more educated about many, many medical problems.

I've learned that we should appreciate things as small as a blade of grass, because tomorrow we might not be here to see it. NOTHING is worth more than this day!!

And the list goes on, but those are my favorites :huh:

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Hi Ariella and everyone,

I've finally decided to add to this post. It's taken me a long time to think about this one, but I woke up this morning and realized I am a different person than I used to be - and it's a good thing.

The positive that's come from my illness is that I have learned to value people and just "being" more than activity. This has been a long and hard lesson, because I am a person who loves "doing". My biggest frustration with this illness is how it has taken away all the things I love to do.

But this morning as I sat in bed, I found a new peace in just sitting, listening to the birds, relaxing in my relationship to God and enjoying the wonderful people I have in my life. I find that I am more often telling everyone how much I love them. I enjoy just sitting and listening to my chatty son, sitting and watching my family and just sitting next to my husband.

I also find that the things I can do are more meaningful and instead of seeing them as my rights, I find them fun and a priveledge. And even the small ideas I have been doing to find a way to artistically express myeself have become more enjoyable and meaningful.

So... I have learned to love the smaller things in life and in fact, to find them more important that what I used to think was important.


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