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My reply to questions about the new forum rules

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All of you once came here to learn about dysautonomia. It is wonderful that many of you have since made close, personal friendships. However, when you want to discuss topics with your friends that have nothing to do with dysautonomia it is best done off of the Dysautonomia Information Network's forum.

I have come to this conclusion after spending one too many evenings working late into the night to resolve conflicts on our forum that have absolutely nothing to do with dysautonomia. It is dysautonomia that unites us. When we delve into topics that have nothing to do with dysautonomia, differences of opinion are often expressed and then flame-wars start. That is not what this forum was set up for. Our goal is to help people with situations and experiences relating to dysautonomia.

Obviously there will always be some grey area relating to this topic. For example, I see nothing wrong with Emily and Corina's comments on idioms, for that is a very generic topic not likely to spur debate. I also will gladly make exceptions to the rule for announcements such as births, deaths, marriages, adoptions, graduations, accomplishments and achievements.

Ultimately, I ask that you all use sound judgment in your posts, and I will continue to do my best to make this a safe and supportive place geared toward helping people learn about dysautonomia.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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Thank you Michelle, and Nina, for all you each do to support this priceless resource. Which reminds me ... have I donated again this year?

So many of us have experienced so many dissapointments, frustrations and out right cristisisms within the medical community that it is wonderful to have a place that is SAFE where we can exchange information.

What's the expression about avoiding politics, sex and religion? Or was it don't work with Animals or Children on the set?

Thank you for all of your efforts to keep this site safe and on topic for all of us to benifit.


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Thank you very much Michelle for explaining (and I'm really very sorry for all the time you have to put in conflicts. To be honest I had o idea of that.)

I was very worried because I don't want to bother anyone but I got sooo much joy from these little "off topic but keeping me connected to the world" conversations. They make me smile and laugh and for me (and I think for others as well) that's so important!

Thanks again,


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I appreciate the standards you set. This is the reason I feel comfortable referring doctors, as well as, other people to this site. It is a site full of interesting research and updated information. The doctors I have referred to this site think the information has helped them.

Thank you for keeping our discussion forum 'focused.' You are so right about what unites us....it was a very lonely place to be before I 'met' many of you. This site is such a blessing to so many people with this type of dysautonomia.

Thank you,


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