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Whats Your Favorite Song?

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Sorry but I had too, I like these topics, I need a break!!!

My all time favorite Tell Me Something Good, by Rufus and Chakka Khan.

Feathers, by Neil Young

and just about anything by Crosbey , Stills, Nash and Young.

Also Led Zep


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Gosh, my swiss cheese brain needs to think about this one...I love so much music. How about a few of my favorite songs (plural)

Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony (conductor and arrangement from Disney's Fantasia)

Most any happy music by Mozart

Smetna's the Moldau

Waltz in A Flat by Brahms

Sheep May Safely Graze by Bach

Long May You Run by Neil Young

Into the Mystic by Van Morrison

Evening Sun Goes Down by Van Morrison

That's the Way that the world goes Round by John Prine

Till my Dreams Come True by Gershwin...in Marx Brothers movie "Cocoanuts" 1929

Don't Think Twice It's Alright by Bob Dylan

If You wanna be Happy for the Rest of your Life

(Forget the singer, from the late 50's or early 60's) Used at the end of Mermaids movie with Cher) Great song and I wish I had a copy

Ashokan Farewell from Civil War documentary

Rainbow Sleeves (written by Tom Waits) Performed by Rickie Lee Jones on Girl at her Volcano album

Under the Boardwalk by Rickie Lee, Jimmy Buffett or the Drifters

There is NO WAY I could pick just ONE song...I have too many moods!! gee, ya think.

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Tupelo honey / van morrison

the grass won't pay no mind / neil diamond I am soooo old

prayer / lizzie west

forever love/reba

concrete angel/martina mcbride

cry/faith hill

dreamer/toni childs (my depression song)

hero/enrique iglesias

with you I'm born again/billy preston

smaltz music, that's me

Courtesy of the Red White and Blue, the big toby keith

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I don't really have a "favorite" song.... I love music!

My favorite right now is a series of CD called Solitudes... the titles are English Garden, Woodland Flute and Lakeside Retreat. They are beautiful relaxing music with nature sounds... water, birds etc.

I also really enjoy Enya.

I also love James Taylor music... from my younger days... I got a CD for Mother's day!

And I enjoy a lot of modern Christian Music... kind of have to as I have three teenagers at home :rolleyes: ... Switchfoot, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder...

The most romantic song I like to dance to with my husband is "When I Fall In Love" by Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.


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WOW, there are some great songs listed here. I have always loved music of all kinds from my younger years till now. But, now the ones that grab me the most are the inspirational ones whether it is rock, classic or pop.

Country doesn't grab me, it can be to depressing at times. But I do like Martina McBride's "God's Will", "In My Daughter's Eyes"

I would say my all time favorites:

Free Bird - Lynard Skynard

Wild Nights - Van Morrison

Body Surfing - Carlos Santana (from my wild years)

Bob Seger - any song

Hootie and the Blowfish

Uncle Cracker

My 12 year old daughter has me listening to alot of her music which, I must say, is pretty good.

Hey Sophia; Sheep May Safely Graze, by Bach is a beautiful song. Whenever I hear it I cry.

This was a great topic. It is nice to change channels every now and then!! :)

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Oh, my, this one's even harder than the favorite movie question. I love so many kinds of music. While going through my divorce, my theme song was the Eagles' "Get Over It."

I love "What a Beautiful World" and "California Dreamin.'" I also like "Total Eclipse of the Heart."

I like Josh Groban very much, especially his versions of Oh, Holy Night and "You Lift Me Up."

I like The Trans Siberian Orchestra's CD, "The Christmas Attic." Has anyone heard it? I play it now all of the time!


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