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Hi everyone,

I have a good news to share.

I just got a phone call from my insurance company and they accept to pay part of my electric wheelchair. I should have it in a about 6 weeks. I am so excited to get part of my autonomy again.


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I am so glad for you. It will be really nice for you to be able to get around a little more.

I had a dream last night that my husband took my to mall and surprised me by buying this wheelchair/scooter thing. It could be pushed like a wheelchair when I wasn't up to driving it and it was very lightweight so my 12 year old son could fold it up and put it in the car. I know... only in my dreams :lol:

Let us know when you get your first chance to get out in it. I look forward to it for you!

Love Roselover

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:lol: Hi Ernie - Thats such great news about your wheelchair - Atleast you will have more mobility getting around and will be able to do some things that you can't do right now. Hope to hear some funny stories from you once you get rolling around in your new chair - Don't get any speeding tickets!!!!!!! B):) I know you Canadians are fast, you are great hockey players, maybe you can start a wheelchair hockey team!! :D (only kidding) Have a great Saturday afternoon!!!! Beth
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Hi Ernie,

which museum are we going to visit first???? I'll let YOU choose :rolleyes: . Which brought me to the idea that when you visit a museum, you could write which one and I could visit it's website, so I could take a look at it. I LOVE going to a museum sooo much. Unfortunately, I can't go on my own. The latest one I saw was the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. I'm planning on going to the Little Hermitage in Amsterdam soon. I don't know if that's the real name, it can also be named Hermitage at the Amstel, not sure!

On my list of favourites are the Louvre and Mus?e d'Orsay in Paris, I've forgotten on the rest.

Glad you're getting you're wheelchair so soon! I'm sure you're going to enjoy it!


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