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Low potassium with POTS


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I have heard some people talking about having low potassium with POTS, has anyone had this experience? I have only had it once and that was about 6 months ago, maybe I should get it rechecked even though they treated me with potassium pills at the time.

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Hi Danelle - I always have trouble reaching good levels of Potassium.... I only drink electrolite drinks full of potassium. potassium supplements, and eat potassium rish foods like banannas, and even with all that I just barely have a "normal" potassium level..... I have muscle cramping on and off and when I do I have to load up even more on it as well as sodium.

I think electrolite imbalance is fairly typical with autonomic dysfunction. I just posted about Low Sodium....

I am sure others will also share there experience. :lol:

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I have had low potassium once. I never got it checked again. I try to eat a lot of potassium-rich foods just in case. I remember Morgan (our veteran cardiac nurse specialist) saying that potassium is one of the first minerals to drop if you have cardiac issues or chronic illness ... does that sound right, Morgan?


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Mine tends to run dangerously low and I have had problems (muscle paralysis and spasm issues) so I take potassium everyday and had to change my florinef dosage (it leaches potassium and calcium out of the body, but most people can compensate) and I get my electrolytes tested every 2-3 months. Don't let it get too low or too high or you can have horrible problems. Not to bring up political issues, but Terri Schiavo actually had brain death following a heart attack due to low potassium (thought to be from Bulimia so that shows that dehydration can cause some serious serious problems). You can also have paralysis, muscle weakness, and hr issues/palpitations with low potassium. Keep on top of this. Many of us do get low potassium, by the way, be it from florinef or chronic dehydration. Google Potassium rich foods or something similar. A banana a day helps a lot. Gatorade also has potassium in it. Don't let the potassium get too high either because that is also dangerous. Good news is that it is easy to correct when found before symptoms and the blood test is very easy and quick to give results.


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I get severe muscle spasms when my potassium starts running low. A banana a day does help out with this.

It would probably be very difficult to do but high potassium (hyperkalemia) can be fatal quickly. Hypokalemia (low potassium) can also cause arrhythmia, extreme thirst, frequent urination and confusion.

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This topic has been discussed many many times on this site. I did a search and it took awhile to remember in which thread I had posted this. But anyway, here it is, in case it is useful!

I found this on this website--this looks like a good list


I think the #s presented are mgs. It is interesting that there are several fruits and veggies actually much higher in potassium than bananas.

Take care, Katherine


Kellog's All Bran 532

Dried Apricots 454

Pinto Beans 531

Baked Potato 593

Orange Juice 479

Nabisco 100% Bran 354

Cantaloupe 412

Kidney Beans 452

Baked Winter Squash 590

Grapefruit Juice 360

Bran Flakes 251

Prunes 353

Lentils 374

Baked Sweet Potato 528

Tomato Juice 552

Shredded Wheat 155

Banana 338

Black Beans 309

Spinach 440

Tomato Sauce 459

Raisins 225 (3tbs)

Avocado 510

Canned Beans 332

Peas 296

Blackstrap Molasses 1218 (2tbs)

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can anyone tell me how potassium is tested. I don't think my doctors have done that. We never talked about it. Is it something in the blood? I didn't read your link Katherine because I can't do that right now, maybe someone can explain it in easy words for me?

Thanks in advance,


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Yes! Ugh.. i asked my GP to monitor it twice but he dismissed my request.. ended up in ER again bc of chest zings, overwhelming exhaustion, vomiting, severe arm and leg pain and dizziness 24/7..could barely do anything for a week.. then heart changes.. you guessed it - low potassium!

ugh i dont like dealing w crisis when clearly it could be monitored esp w people that take florinef - potassium and electrolytes need to be checked often.. had hypokalemia at onset of pots too- and wasnt on meds...

its really so overwhelming that as we are falling or in the worst of it we need to constantly advocate for appropriate checking ..so exhausted but to stay alive we need to keep forcing strength. 

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