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Anyone get pots symptoms whilst they Pee?


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I noticed a new thing thats started to get more frequent. When i get up to go to the toilet, im standing there as you do and i do my thing ( as males do ), but as im standing there i notice sometimes my pulse will drop or rise. This will happen and get worse until i finish peeing and sit back down, to which i usuallt have a panic attak. Anyone get this or is it just me?

*** Im usually the silly one.....

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Guest tearose

Hi James,

I have different anatomy so I can't help you here.

Common sense would just suggest that you sit down and don't bother with standing at all!

After all, who cares? You just don't want to be caught with your "goods exposed" while you are passed out on the floor, right?

I also get a bit timid when having to discuss "evacuation" but there is a thread here somewhere in history/archives that may help you.

I say the following with lighthearted good thoughts...

As I am getting to know you now through your writings I must say, I am amazed at how you must go through a day! I sure hope you have a good sense of humor! Do you talk your way out of your worries? Like when you cut your finger, do you say to yourself " now James, this is only a cut, you will tend to it and all will be fine". You come up with the funniest questions! I hope you too can find the light side in our funky challenges and give yourself a lot of credit for getting through a day!

wishing you well, tearose

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As Tearose said, you do come up with some unusual questions, but believe or not I can actually kind of relate to this one, even though I'm female. :P When my symptoms are really bad and I have a racing heart in the middle of the night, occasionally I've come close to passing out while urinating! I found that when I used my bladder muscles to bear down and force the urine out, for some reason I got really dizzy and light headed. I learned to adjust by tensing my calf muscles up so the blood wouldn't pool in my legs while sitting down and not really use any force to expel the urine. If I just let it come out without forcing it, I could make it through okay. I've never told anyone this, but here goes...I did have a few weeks last summer where I actually developed anxiety about going to the bathroom in the middle of the night because of that. Weird, I know. But it passed and all is okay now! I can go like a normal person and not feel dizzy or anything. Okay, I've bared soul on this...I hope you feel better :)

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James, I won't ask how you're managing to take your pulse while you're peeing (to know whether your hr is going up or down) ... :P but I do want to add that urination can sometimes cause overstimulation of the vagus nerve, which can cause a drop in heart rate and blood pressure--and I don't want to scare you, but in rare circumstances you can pass out. My husband passed out once (and thank goodness only once) while urinating ... luckily he didn't hit his head on anything! After a bunch of tests in the ER (I insisted he go for tests, although he didn't want to go--we were dating at the time and I told him he was not allowed to pass out in my house), they told him it was related to vagus nerve stimulation. It's not common, but it can happen to anyone.

Doesn't sound like you've passed all the way out--just sensitive to your heart rate while you pee, I guess. Can you distract yourself with thoughts of bunnies nibbling dandelions in the field or sex or something while you're so engaged instead of thinking about what changes your body's going through as you pee?

I like Tearose's idea of sitting down altogether. Sounds like a grand idea.

If you want to learn more, try doing a google/internet search with the key words "urination and syncope and vagus nerve."



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Guest GayleP

I have also heard that going to the bathroom can stimulate the vagus nerve and cause syncope. I also read somewhere that the problem is worse with the elderly.

Something to look forward to as we age and just what we need, another thing that can cause fainting.

But I know it can happen in young people too. I agree that you might want to try sitting down to pee.

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After being hit by a car, my sister had trouble of that nature and it took about 16 months to go away.

I say if you don't want to hit anything, sit down. My hubby has done it since back surgery and now can't stand and go because the nerves won't relax and he can't start his stream.

good luck.


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Lol, i am unusual. Its maybee because im so consious i notice everything that goes on. My symptms were pretty bad last night, maybee because i was stressed, and tiered and at the same time trying to build my website. I went to bed last night, and everytime i droped of to sleep i would wake up with a Jump and a racing or slow HR, My thoughts were remotley negative all night, but i got through it. Its usually when im feeling the worst, thats when i will spot loads of new things, well there not new, i just think they are, lol. My humore i good, thats why sometimes i can shrug it of, but last night on a rating scale i was defiantly at a 6/10.

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It is PERFECTLY NORMAL to get symptoms such as lightheadedness, or many others, while urinating or defecating. Doesn't matter the position. It's PART of the illness.

In Grubb's old book that he edited: SYNCOPE Mechanisms and Management there was a definition called Defecation Syncope. He also mentions it in the NEJM article recently.

Coughing, same thing. Singing for me, same thing

I have found voiding my bladder often makes me lightheaded somedays more than othes...just depends of where are hydration and catecholamine levels are.

Also how sensitive to ANS problems and the severity of them. since this changes with each heartbeat, impossible to decipher why. It just iS.

Emptying my bladder years ago never used to bother me much...more so now. And don't get me started how sick I am on my period...emptying my bladder everytime almost makes me blackout at this time....

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