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Best Job for POTS Person

Guest tearose

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Manuscript/book editor...the kind where you can sit in bed and read interesting novels, mark-up any errors you find, and get paid for it! :blink:

Or maybe a movie reviewer...pop in the latest movie on your TV and give your opinions on it. :blink:

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A Ceiling Inspector!

Maybe I could lay on the floor and stare at the ceiling and get paid! Ha!

You guys are so funny - thanks for the topic, It made me laugh!


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10: Computer Programmer - You sit around all day on a computer

9: Music Producer - Again sitting down all day fidling with knobs and buttons

8: Television Advertisment Researcher - How easy it that 4 a job

7: Librarian

6: Newspaper Editor

5: Receptionist

4: Manager - Everyone knows managers dont do NO Work!!!

3: Proffesonal Housewife - can you get a proffesion in your own home?

2: Doctor

1: A Bed Tester - You lie down all day and sleep

All the above jobs are non streeful ( if you like soing the work ), they dont use no energy, well hardly, and there not dangerous if you were to collapse.

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How about an extra on shows like Crossing Jordan, CSI, etc. - they always need actors to play the dead people. Sounds perfect to me! Oh, how still we can lie . . .

(And trust me - the editing job isn't so perfect if your dysautonomia affects your ability to think! I did it full-time for 2 years and have done it part-time for nearly 15. There are days when I can barely spell my own name!)

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The extra suggestion cracked me up

How about an artists model

My husband suggested that I come to his A and P class to be a live model to point out muscles etc. or for use in his practicals HAHAHAHA! He says I have the anatomical position down pat! Funny guy!

Stacey :-)

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I gotta tell ya, I got hired as an "extra" for the movie Music Box ... I was to appear in still photographs that were used in one scene ... and I was a Holocaust victim, so I was dead and technically lying down. (This was fifteen years ago...) It was grueling and exhausting and extremely unpleasant. You do NOT want that job ... and if you cannot take an extremely high level of stress, you also do not want to be a newspaper editor!

That's my sourpuss 2 cents for the day. :(

These job strands are extremely clever... If I can think of anything more positive to say, I'll add. For now, I'm grumpy. :huh: Maybe it's from the unpleasant memory that just got stirred up...

Happy Friday!


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Tearose, I like your suggestion mattress tester. It is the only one I qualify for. Maybe we could add sheets pillows and blanket tester. I wish they made adult blankets as soft as they do baby blankets. I want one of those soft blanket with satin in my size!!!

Next time a Docter asks me if I am working...I will say as soon as I find a job as couch or matress tester. :huh:


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