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SSDI Denied---it's official now------

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

WEll folks it's official i'm denied-------it's not like I didn't know.

But when you read it---and it tells you ---"YOUR CONDITION IS NOT SEVERE ENOUGH"-----well let's just say it kind of drops your to your knees, because I know the fight ahead of me.

They also said my strength is normal in all my extremities. That is an impossibility. I have herniated disks all up and down my entire spine! My cranial and cerivcal area is unstable, I have my C1 vertebrae causing more pressure on my brain combined with the chiari----but yet my strength is "normal". The SSDI Doc lied because I could see my strength was NOT normal.

Maybe i'll go out and get drunk----then it will quite obvious how sick I really am---because I can't tolerate even one drink. I'll end up in ER. I'm kidding.............But not about going to the ER---that would really happen...........But they do put drunks on SSDI-----HMMMMM---kidding again...............

What really grips me is what that SSDI doctor did. They could have not possibly based the denial on the other doctors reports as they both said I am not able to work---and they filled out functional capacity reports.

I am blessed that my husband has an income. But I lost my entire income 4 years ago and it has been difficult at times. As I sit here and type this I am reminded how bad off I am--just from pain alone. I am not able to tolerate pain medication well, so it can be rough. Last night my husband and I watched my Son's girlfriend's daughter. Adorable---about a year old and 20 pds---normal size for a kid that age. Just from holding her, changing her a couple of times, my upper body feels like it's coming apart----it's very painful. But it must be in my mind----because I have normal strength----right?

Oh---and to add insult to injury, that new neuro prescribed lamictal---HMMMM---that is for bipolar---or seziures---I have neither---------Gee---I wonder what he is thinking----right again-----I must be crazy.

Oh---but how funny is this---that SSDI doc said nothing about being crazy----why is that------when your crazy you qualify for SSDI---not one word was mentioned, not even slight anxiety......................................

Back to the drawing board.

Julie :0)

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Julie, I'm so sorry, I can't imagine how frustrating this must be for you. This must be making you so depressed. I wish I could or say something that could help you. I do not know why I was approved. I wish I did because, maybe I would have pointers for people. Or maybe it's just the luck of the draw. If I had to work now, it would literally kill me. I can't hold my grand daughter for more than a few minutes, so I know how bad that is too. I will be pulling for you, hang in there, and report that guy to the quality assurance board. morgan

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The SSDI system really stinks. I hope you're able to have access to a good disability lawyer so you wont have to "go it alone".


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Guest Julia59

Thank everyone for your replies and support!

Here is a copy of the e-mail I wrote my congresswoman.

Dear Congresswoman Kaptur,

Last week I wrote an e-mail regarding a slanderous report written on me about the medical findings by the SSDI doctor.

I just received my denial in the mail today. And it said I was denied because my condition is not severe enough that I can not work. It also said I have good strength and range of motion as well. This is impossible as I have spinal problems that affect my strength.

The SSDI doctor examined me for 20 minutes. I know two of my doctors have supported my claim, and one of them has followed my condition for over 4 years. My claim denial was based on a 20 minute exam, and the report was full of consistant lies.

I apologize if my last e-mail was a little angry as I was in shock after reading such a slanderous report. I am also shocked that these appointed SSDI doctors get away with it.

Four years ago I lost my income after my heath took a turn for the worse. I paid into social security for over 20 years. I worked as a commercial collections manager and an office manager for the same company for over 10 years.

I tried to work after missing about a month, but I was too weak. I was also exposed to chemicals where I worked, and I found I had four times the lead levels in my body at about the same time my health crashed. It was at that time I lost my job. This is another issue. But I was treated unfairly then also. And legally I have no recourse----due to another unfair law----"fire at will".

As a previous co- leader of a support group for patients with dysautonomia I see this same unfair practice by SSDI towards many people. Now I see it happening to people who suffer with chiari malformation and related conditions.

At this time I am not able to succeed in gainful employment, as I even find it difficult to type this e-mail.

I think your office has the right to review my denial. Could you please let me know your involvement at this point? I will be hiring an attorney. I need to find one who is willing to also file some kind of suit for this slanderous report from the SSDI doctor.

I don't plan on letting this doctor get away with that, or SSDI for basing their decision on his report. This is clearly unethical.

I may be naive in thinking that SSDI should be ethical. Unfortunately i'm seeing some people driven into poverty as they get inaccurate reports on them from appointed SSDI doctors.

Should I wait, and contact you again after I file the appeal?

Thank you so much for your time.


Julie Tremp

I'll have to wait until Monday for the lawyer hunt.

Julie :0)

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Julie, so sorry to hear of your denial. I am in the same boat. Last week I received my denial on the reconsideration level and was beyond devastated. I saw an attorney on friday and retained her. I spoke with the paralegal because the attorney was out for the day but she was very impressed with how thorough my information was and the letter written by my family dr. It obviously did me no good though ^_^

I also thought about going out and getting drunk but knew better. I can't handle even a half a drink these days. :blink: I would also end up in the ER and that is the LAST place I want to be-those uneducated looneys-

WHat can we do to educate the public, and medical field about POTS and dysautonomia???? It is so debilitating but yet they know NOTHING.

Hang in there and fight. I seriously thought about giving up but then I thought well, then what would I do? I definately can't work and I am NOT going to let the sorry government beat me out of what I need to survive and deserve!!!

Best of luck,


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Guest Mary from OH


Sorry about your denial. But, the good news is, now with so many of you fighting you are really ALL in it together!!! You can all compare notes and attorney notes and we will all be cheerleaders!!!

Bureaucracy stinks!!

But, you shall overcome!!!

Good luck in your fight!!!

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