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Carb High


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Okay I was really bad tonight. I went out and had pasta and breadsticks. I was expecting to be oh so punished. But then something strange happened, half way through the meal. All of a sudden I got this burst of energy, not like an adrenaline rush. Almost like if I had a couple of cocktails, I was giggly and couldn't sit still. Not what I was expecting.

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Wow. Yes I also get this. never have any idea why and I even got it as a teenager years before I developed POTS. I also get this feeling sometimes from licorice tea and occasionally caffeine although only for a short period. Bizarre as ive never mentioned it to anyone. yeah like a giggly, giddy, everything feels great feeling for a short period.

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Lol .. I do this if I eat any of the "gf" foods at my celiac support group meetings.


can act like an opiod in some people. Dairy can too. I've read this can happen with leaky gut but not

sure if gut involvement is always there. The DAN autism community contibutes most, if

not all, unusual behavoirs in these kids to gluten and dairy ..

It could be candida too. Candida gives me more of a drunk sluggish feeling tho, not hyper ..

Tc .. D

Ps.. just say no .. Lol ..

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