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  1. What my Dr called the elimination diet wasn't enough for me. It included wheat but didn't include gluten and that is my biggest offender. I think the list of improvements is in my signature. I have the dq2 celiac gene tho. I'd say it took me about 2 years of experimenting to discover all my food intolerances. I stayed on a restrictive diet then experimented with one food to see how i reacted. Discovering that bacon and tomatoes triggered my fm pain helped. Also learning that high oxalate foods trigger pelvic pain helped. I'd been living with pain for so long being without it was like a mir
  2. Congrats. Any good news is good to hear. I eat raw red cabbage and didn't notice a difference but I'll try eating more to see if it helps. It's great for digestion tho. Everytime I get glutened I have a neurological reaction so you may want to look at your other foods, supplements, drugs, etc. They say when we first eliminate gluten or reactions become more severe. Taking dpp-iv, either country life or enzymedica, help me with this but I've been gf for 8 years now. One other caution I wanted to add just in case. I damaged my esophagus by juicing veggies with a rough texture and high in oxa
  3. For those of us with oh and pots I don't think we can take a drug that causes more tachycardia. I wonder why they think this drug is a good idea for those who only having problems when standing. I'm confused by all the negative comments about trying nicotene when most drugs come with strong warnings and discussing those seems to accepted here. FWIW, I'm taking an addictive drug, Klonopin, for a myoclonus / seizures and plan on staying on it. Sometimes, you just have to accept the good with the bad. thanks for the reply, nm, I'm going to watch what nicotene do to my bp more care
  4. Anyone else trying this ? I bought a pack of organic cigs and have tried 4 so far. These are affecting how I feel but I'm still working on how to define the feelings I get. I read that these increase dopamine and serotonin. If so, one cig isn't enough to significantly elevate my mood. But I read that cigs only contain 1 mg of nicotine. So far, I've only tried these when I was tired / sleepy and they don't wake me up like caffeine. My thinking feels clearer but I haven't had the chance to do a pmttt yet. The downside is the smell, inconvenience, and the smoke is drying out my sinuses too mu
  5. http://forums.dinet.org/index.php?/topic/15794-nicotine/ This has come up here before. It looks like it's worth a try. I priced nicotine gum (lozengers maybe ?), tonight and 30 - 2 mg was on $12 at Walgreens. I saw that one cig has 1 mg of nicotine so I wanted to start with the lowest dose I could find. I may try the patches instead tho. I saw someone in the thread above was cutting them up. I googled Goldstein but couldn't find enough info on his use of nicotine. Prohealth has an article on his "standard" practice tho. tc ... d ETA .. Hmmm, it seems that smoking it may provide more benefit
  6. Hi, I'm a non smoker too and I'm interested in trying this. Out of curiosity I tried 1 cigarette in December 2012 and noticed an improvement in my cognitive abilities. Or at least thought I could think better ... lol ... It was late in the day tho and I was already exhausted. The coughing stopped me from trying it again. However, I'd like to try either the gum, patch or "chew" or "snuff" sometime to see it it would help. Have you considered which source of nicotine you'd like to try ? It took me awhile to figure out that I needed to google nicotine benefits and not just nicotine. It seems
  7. Thanks Katy. You're so lucky your doc warned you about this. I didn't realize what was happening until the pain became severe and I couldn't walk or move my shoulders. I was on Tyl with codeine AND Ibuprofen with codeine for at least a week. Then I was on Aleve and Advil 24/7 for a couple of weeks after that. Thankfully, that parts over ... I even had both of my knees go out on me while shopping a couple of days before the extreme pain hit but didn't realize what was up. When I fell I damaged my left knee which isn't helping now either. I had to google this to figure out what was happening
  8. I'm just getting over a bad reaction to this. I was given this med in Jan for pyelonephritis (kidney, bladder, ureter infection). It's been a month and I still can't move my arms over my head all the way, reach behind my back or keep my hands on the top of the steering wheel. My knees feel like they're going out on me so I have to use a motorized cart to go grocery shopping. I'm still getting tired extremely easy. My reaction from this medication is almost exactly the same way my CFS/ME/FM (with OI and ataxia) started back in 1990. I took 3 rounds of antibiotics (not sure which meds yet) i
  9. Interesting thread. thanks ... I've had 4 whiplashes and a concussion from being thrown in 3 feet of water onto my head. It was one year post 2 of the whiplashes back to back that I got ME/CFS/OI. It's interesting to me tho that my neck and shoulder symptoms (constant spasms) went away about 4 years after changing my diet. 2 years post low oxalate and paleo. Although like others have said I feel weird if I try to talk with my head turned. tc .. d http://www.nfra.net/fibromyalgia_rosner_4.htm
  10. I don't think I actually got celiac disease (damaged villi) until 2005 but I got ataxia and started getting those brain zaps in 1990. I had white lesions on my brain but those went away post gf diet too. I actually don't get severe digestive symptoms from gluten but I hardly ever take chances. I'm on a paleo type diet. My body just decides to dump everything I ate via the runs if I get too much gluten. No real pain other than a spasm or two. But I can't get too far away from the throne for several hours. I know some celiacs who don't get any signs until they've eaten too much for days in a r
  11. I used to get this too. In 2005, when I first found the celiac dot com message board there were a lot of people talking about this. They called it buzzing. They also were talking about the brain zaps I used to get too. For me and those on that board, this was directly from eating gluten and subsided once we got the gluten out of our diets. I actually appear to have had gluten ataxia too that resolved one year post gf diet. I never fail the Rhomberg, kow, now but I did from Jan 1990 - Sept 2006. I still get myoclonus, jerking, from minute amounts of gluten. If you google theglutenfile, you
  12. I'd like to find something like this that worked too. I've tried meyer's cocktails + glutathione push but it didn't do anything for my cfs or oi. I was just as tired and still had oh and pots. Saline ivs never made any difference. I stay well hydrated tho. The only improvement I saw from these ivs was that when I started these I had severe pain at the injection site and down my arm if we tried to do these too quickly. By the 5th - 6th iv, I didn't have any pain and we could do these quicker. So the time frame went from 4 hrs to 1 - 1/2 hrs. My veins were still hard to find after all these t
  13. I do this too. I "think" 500 mg b3 / no flush inositol hexanicotinate (by solgar) and jarrow 500 mg nac (just nac) are helping me with this right now but I only started testing these. I've been on nac for about a month and it worked great when I first took it but the that effect didn't last. It's a pre-cursor to glutathione tho so it's good to take. I just started the b3 and had weird popcorn popping feelings in my head afterwards that have subsided. I've gotten used to weird feelings in my head so I wasn't too worried about this. Lol. Together these are definitely clearing up my Klonopi
  14. Hi, I was prescribed clonazepam / klonopin for nocturnal myoclonus and a seizure disorder. I just started experimenting with it during the day if I'm feeling jittery. The last time I used it during the day was because I hadn't slept well so I was having pre seizure jitters. I'm new at recognizing this feeling. I only need 1/4 of a .125 mg tablet to calm me or help me sleep now. When I was eating and drinking excitotoxins like gluten, hfcs and caffeine I needed .5 - 1.5 mg. And that didn't always work. Hth .. D
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