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Checking back in


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Hi Everyone! This is my first post in 3 weeks following colonoscopy and while I haven't come close to catching up on all the news, I do want to say thanks for your thoughtful expressions for my well being.

Here's what I learned: staying the night before in the hospital so I could receive fluids made a giant difference; duccolax and magnesium citrate were all I needed for the prep; I was given propofol (heavy sedation) because it leaves the sytem in minutes and you wake up feeling rested with no drugged after effect. As a matter of fact, when I woke up, I felt like a new person!! For 2 hours nothing hurt, I had no dizziness, NOTHING BAD, and I kept saying to my husband (over and over again!) that I had not felt that well in 5 years. After 2 liters of fluid and my ANS put into a deep sleep, I felt FANTASTIC...it is really hard to describe adequately.

Then.... well...the same old familiar routine returned. My GI system shut down for a week and I was in pain and then after trying to start it up again, my GI system overcompensated and was in fast motion for another week. I am trying to regain the lost weight and upgrade from baby food diet. I still feel weak every morning when I get up...

But, things are looking up and I am glad I had the test done. It will take a while to get back to my regular posting as I am having trouble looking at the PC screen.

But, I hope everyone is making progress. A quick glance at the board tells me there are a lot of people working through tests and I wish you all the best. Emily, I have had you in my prayers and hope that you will be feeling better soon. Welcome to the newcomers and also to baby Gabby!

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Guest tearose

geneva? Is that really you?

I'm glad to see you, Welcome Back!

What are they going to do for you now?

Hope you didn't have to go thru that for nothing.

Thank you for sharing all the preparation and procedure information. It should go into our info files for the future!

Feel better, best regards, tearose

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dear genevea, i'm gald you are starting to recover. and i hope it won't take much longer to get over it. i'm sorry you have to go thru all of the trouble but did you get the info you/your doc was looking for?

I had the worst time getting everything moving again after i had that procedure done. i do have to admit that i did have the same "feeling great" feeling afterwards, but it didn't last as long for me, just about 30 minutes.

i'm glad to "see" you again.

get better, blackwolf

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Hey, thanks guys.

The GI doc said the procedure went well and he found no polyps, no masses, no ulcers etc. He told my husband he saw "microscopic irritations" and did random colon biopsis. The pathology report said not something to worry about. She said this irritation often occurs in patients who have long term use of laxatives.....ok, here is the problem....I don't ever use laxatives!! I just wish I knew if the irritation is in any way responsible for the pain I get during GI flares. If I did know what causes it, then I could avoid. So, the good news, there is nothing more serious than the IBS we already suspected I had and in answer to your question, Tearose, they are not suggesting anything else. Now, say it with me....I am "normal" (LOL)

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