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Do Carbs Make U Symptomatic?


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Okay well I'm trying to follow this crazy diet-no corn, pea, peanut, sesame, sulfite and I had a reaction last night about an hour after eating a serving of oatmeal.

I usually don't eat so much but was pushing to get more carbs in.

Honestly I haven't been able to handle carbs for a while.

I do okay with fruits and veggies for the most part and I liked to munch on cookies but...breads and cereals I've pretty much have stayed away from and even had reactions in the middle of them.

The reaction I had was just my heart working very hard.

Bp went up I felt very bad and it just felt like death.

I automatically assumed I had messed up and gotten too much sulfite or something but maybe? It was the carbs?

I checked my blood sugar it was 108.

The episode lasted maybe 20-30 minutes?

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Well, a glucose of 108 rules out low blood sugar, so not sure it is a "carb" issue. I would think dumping sydrome, but you do well with other foods, so I guess that's not it, either. Have you ever seen a naturopathic or wholistic doctor? Maybe they could figure it out.(Sorry if that was asked before!).

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That's the difficult part-even though I feel just extremely horrible during these episodes vital signs are within normal range-so is blood sugar.

It's weird although it's something I'd like to avoid happening if possible.

I'm almost positive it was the oatmeal.


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Carbs make me feel absolutely wretched (like death) and I can feel my heart working extra hard. I've eaten a very low carb diet for about 24 years now just to stay afloat. My thought is that carbs may be harder to digest, thus shunting more blood to the GI tract to aid in digestion, and away from other vital organs (the heart). The trick for me is to eat very tiny portions of carbs fairly often, but potatoes are an absolute no-no for me. Hope someone calls me out on this one if I'm incorrect since I'm a relative newbie.

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I can't tolerate oatmeal either. I'm not allergic to oatmeal & I don't think carbs has any part in my symptoms. I have the same problem with soy. I'm very sensitive to mold & I tend to think that might be my problem with them.

Have you read " Eat Right for Your type" by Peter J D'Adamo? Altho, I can't eat a lot of the foods that are recommended for my blood type the books are interesting.

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I would like to know what test the doctor performed to tell you these allergies if you don't mind? And when you were told about these allergies did they tell you what to eat or what to take if you were going to eat those items?

It just amazes me to be allergic to some of the ingredients that are almost in everything that would be TOO difficult and were you told they are allergies or intolerances?

OK, I love oatmeal but it makes me feel alittle tachy hot and similar to being hypoglycemic (which I have been dxed with that in the past) I think the heat of the food kinda affects me because if I eat anything HOT soups/etc, I feel the heat in my stomach and it makes me not feel so good for 30 mins-to an hour.

I actually try to eat more carbs to keep on the weight but I am also having too many symptoms from almost everything I eat.

I have thought what is happening from avoiding food then trying to eat normal its like I'm over stimulating my digestive system.

Well I'll post more after I find out some more information when I see my doctor.

Stay positive


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Okay when I was taking my kids to the pediatric dentist in the little town of Findlay-we have a pediatric dentist but they were booked and it was gonna take months to get in-it was in a little strip like doctor's office buildings right behind the hospital there.

On the way pulling out one of the doors had a sign that said Findlay allergy.

I called and checked to see if I needed a referral and they said no. My last two bouts of what felt like anaphylaxis were after mashed potatoes and chili with just plain hamburger, tomato sauce and kidney beans no spice,

I had become afraid of all foods and it was all I could do to hold my weight at 90 pounds.

My safe foods were fruit and yogart, milk and ensure.

They did the skin pricks like I don't know 50 different things at once. I got tachy in the middle of it.

So right there he was able to give me a list of which foods I was allergic too. Corn is a tough one it's in everything.

My theory is the corn mostly messes up my stomach, the sulfites send me into instant tachycardia and lungs start closing up on me.

So yes I am actually now starting to feel much better but that was and maybe still is a scary road to be on.

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