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Calling On Ssri Users


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Hey all,

I am debating on my meds to see what works for me and I do have a short story to start this topic. 7 years ago I was having alot of so called panic attacks and DX with GAD and I tried Lexapro for a few months total because it brought me to normalcy mentally with the attacks and I was able to eat thats when the attacks seemed to affect me most and also I was very fatigue that also went away and I was okay besides a few days throughout the year or after drinking alcohol or walking in stores it seemed, until I had more children and really after the last child and never recovered..

My only concern is besides developing a phobia with taking meds; I remember when I started the lexapro within the 1st few days I was having euphoria laughing for hours about the strangest things it eventually stopped and then it seemed I needed more and more till I got the max dosage and it seemed to not have any effects???(the wonderful feeling of mental freedom) I was just normal.

I have taken zoloft-----dangerous ! not good for me severely depressed

Paxil-----more depressed didn't really work at helping anything

I also have been prescribed florinef, midorine, and a bb I guess its try one at a time to see what works best...? I was thinking to try lexapro again before trying the others since they have more side-effects ad my BP hasn't been much of an issue and my blood volume is mildly low.

So what does everyone think and what has been the rundown of your experiences?

If you do take lexapro or have what was your dose and did you have any of the euphoria ?

Thanks Lissy

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The only SSRI I have tried was Zoloft.

It made me feel like a bit of a zombie and gave me the runs.

I was not able to take it for very long due to getting in the bathtub and noticing a fine rash all over my body and developing flu like symptoms.

I called my nurse therapist that ordered it they said a rash can be normal-I tried one more dose and the flu like symptoms intensified along with the rash and I stopped it cold turkey with no issue .

The medication that did seem to help was Xanax.

It made me more alert, took away my dizziness, helped take the knot out of my stomach and gave me energy.

I took 1/2 or 1/4 of a 0.25 tablet for over a year.

Funny thing was it seemed when I would take one it would bring my whole anxiety level down for a couple days.

It worked to interrupt that cycle.

Let us know what you decide.

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Zoloft works pretty good for me, I do get a slight rebound effect in the afternoon after it peaks, but I feel the benefit I get earlier in the day outweighs the rebound. Also I have to agree about the Xanax, it works the best for me, but I try not to take it very often, only when the adrenaline is driving me crazy! Xanax can be addictive and I do get concerned because right now I'm on ativan at night to sleep and I know there is no way I could get off of it, without some major stress and so I'm extra careful about the benzo's. Hope that helps a little!

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I currently am taking Lexapro and it has helped my adrenaline surges so much. I started taking it in July 2010. When I started it, I took the liquid version and started out at .5 mg. I slowly increased my dosage up to 5 mg a day. This works for me. I still have the adrenaline surges but their intensity is greatly decreased. My NP wants me to go to 10mg a day to see if that will help even more, but I'm a little reluctant to increase my doseage. I am very sensitive to meds so I try to take the least amount possible. Just FYI- My husband takes 30 mg of Lexapro or anxiety.

Hope you find something that helps!


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I took lexapro years ago when I first came down with pots. They thought it was anxiety. I took the full ten milligrams and the first couple weeks were horrible. After that it worked great and I got off six months later. I did great with pots until after birth.now I have adrenaline surges all the time.

I have celexa.. has anyone tried that for pots? If so please tell me your experience :)

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I was on low dose of celexa before lexapro. Now I'm on 5 mg of lexapro. Both work well for me, with lexapro being slightly better. When I took myself off of it, I had horrible GI problems, lost motility altogether, and was having huge bp highs and lows, and tachy. Back on it, all of that stabilized. Not perfect of course, but good for me.

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Cozaar is PRN, so I don't take it every day. As I've gotten older, my veins and arteries are a little less stretchy and sometimes will shoot my bp way high, especially when it's cooler weather (so I don't have any major blood volume pulled to surface skin area like I do in the heat).

Think of dysautonomia as not just low bp, but for me completely disregulated bp... so, the Cozaar can add some stability when I need it.

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