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Got Call From Doctor -- Good News


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So, my steristrips fell off today, but unfortunately, the incision site started bleeding... so I'll be sleeping in sturdy undergarments for the time being, stuffed with gauze!

Anyway, I got a call from my surgeon today (yes, on a HOLIDAY no less), she was just checking her faxes from home (she gets them digitally forwarded) and wanted to tell me the good news. The tumor she got most of on Thursday's biopsy was a benign fibrous adenoma. Yay for me! A few friends took me out to toast to my somewhat scarred up and bruised but otherwise healthy front end!! Was a nice way to end the weekend before I have to head back to my job again tomorrow.

Thank you to all who sent good energy my way; even though I live alone now, it's good to know you're all out there (here?) (oh, you know what I mean!).


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I've been through it, too, a few times. But, I always stayed at the needle biopsy, ultrasound stage. Scary, Scary, Scary. So happy for your good news. What a huge sigh of relief



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Yay indeed!!! I see the surgeon for follow up on the 15th. I'm sore as all heck today because I started back to work f/t yesterday (first day kids are back to school). I love that I have my summer break, but it is so hard on me when I try to readjust to the routine again and all those hours working. Having the pathology back made me feel so much lighter mentally. Now, I need a cheering section to make me do my dissertation ASAP... actually I need more like a whipping, beating, or some other serious punisher to remind me of the monkey on my back because the motivation factor (increase in salary, decrease in bills from university, less stress), alone, isn't getting me there.

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Glad to hear all went well. Take things one day at a time.


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