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feeling better


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hi everybody,

I still haven't been diagnosed with anything (We just don't know what to call it). But, my Dr. is finally taking my arrythmia and fainting serious. Started on fleccainide this week, and today I worked 8 hours, walked my 3 dogs, did laundry and cooked supper! I had forgotten how it feels to be normal! Anyway, I just wanted to tell someone who would understand. Thanks -LabRat

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Hi there. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling better. It does make a world of difference when you feel like a productive member of society! :) I am thankful for those days. It makes you look at things with a new perspective. Good luck and keep us posted.

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Guest tearose

welcome labrat, I'm glad your feeling better.

One good thing I remember about feeling better,

you look back and are astonished that when you were feeling bad,

you had no idea how bad you really were

until you felt better

and that makes one feel really, really good.

take care,

for better or worse, tearose

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