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A Must Read For Those Feeling Low

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I hope this is okay to post here - lots of newbies and oldies needing inspiration it seems so...heard this yesterday....

This is what i have to say to you. Use your discontent, your longing, the sense that you are bereft of connection, use everything around you to nudge you into choosing joy. Make the choice, not because life is as you wish, but because life is as it is. Resist and you know suffering. Jump in with both eyes open and you can drown in bliss.

It doesn't seem possible, I know. You feel broken, disconnected, less than whole. Ask if awareness shares your restlessness. Ask if the infinite cares if your emotional state is tenuous at best. Ask if your dreary thoughts should be believed and if anything real stands between you and all that is. Use the answers you receive to open a crack in the wall of separation. Find a door, and stick your foot in so it can't close, even if your doubts grow huge.

"I can't get there from here," you say. My reply is that there's no where to go. You are already home. Embrace your immortal soul, the flame that cannot be dowsed by wind or rain. Embrace the truth of you today.

~ Danna Faulds

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