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Morning Help

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Mornings are very hard for me. I have kids who need to get off to camp and school. I really force myself to function as I really dont have a choice. In the home I barely lift my feet off the ground to walk. However, they need to be driven. By the time, I get evryone in the car, my heart is racing and head is in a cloud.

I once had to walk them in and thought I was going to pass out..

How do you deal? I cant avoid taking kids to school , my doctors arent sure what to do yet.

Thank you for listening

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I haven't found anything that corrects the morning time horrible-ness, but I've just found things to prevent it from being so severe. At least 10 hours of sleep seems to help, eating right away in the morning even if I'm not hungry (protein), taking ginger pills for the nausea (barely works, but sometimes cuts the edge just slightly, have to take like 5), and taking a relaxing bath before my shower (or making sure to shower the night before). Mornings are so rough... one of the main reasons it's so hard for me to work.

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i make sure i get at least 8 hours sleep at night. Then my alarm clock goes off 2,5 hours before its time to get out of the house. I put my compression stockings on and take my BB whilest iam still in bed. I also drink half a litter and wait in bed (sitting upright) until i feel good enough to get up. My office chair with rolls on is just parked beside my bed. I sit on it and roll into the bathroom. I get dressed, washed and wake my daughter up all sitting down on that chair. I always prepare everything like breakfast and so on the night before. I also make sure, that i have at least 20 minutes to just sit down and relax before i finally stand up and walk to the car which is parked right in front the house. Thats how i manage.


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My doctor told me to stash something salty on my nightstand, and to eat it before getting out of bed. Pretzels work for me. Also, if you're taking Midodrine, take it before you get out of bed, too. Preferably a half hour or so.

Hope this helps and you feel better soon!


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Guest tearose

Know that you are not alone in this difficulty. I have to hydrate, take a little caffeine and some time and then get into compression to able to function.


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