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Made it through the hearing...

Dawg Tired

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The attorney thought it went very well. The judge asked me if I was able to drive, I told him I drive very seldom - once every couple of months - and then only for very short distances; usually less than 2 miles. He asked a lot of questions about jobs I had in the past. My attorney asked mot of the questions, regarding how long at a time I was able to sit, stand and so forth. She also discussed all of the accomodations my last employer had made for me. The Vocational Expert testified that, given the restrictions I had there was no jobs in the national economy I could do. So now I wait. My husband had a hearing in March and just 2 weeks ago we heard he had been approved. But another step in the process is now behind me!

Again, Thanks SO much to all of you for the great support I get from you! {{{{HUGS}}}}

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I'm so glad you made it through so well--and I hope the outcome is one that will give you the supports you need to live comfortably at home. --Nina :unsure:

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Guest Julia59

Glad things went well for you! You made it this far, I know you can continue. I hope you get good results and finally relax a little. You deserve the benefits you worked for.

I just finally made the decision to go for disability. It was a very difficult decision as I really want to work atleast part time. But unfortunately my health has declined further and I am concerned I will lose disability back pay if I work---and then find out I can't handle it. I spoke with an attorney, and my cousin who is also an attorney.

Financially we need the money---and it would be too risky to get a job and then find out I can't handle it. My upper back and neck have gotten so bad it's hard to type an e-mail. All the work experience I have is in an office setting which would further agggrivate my problems.

I just have to sit tight for a while to see if I get approved. Then I will have to get further education so I can work in another field. Probably psychology---i'll sit most of the time................... That's all I can think of right now.....

It's really hard to do this as I have worked for 19 years. It's been a bummer being off this long. I just feel detached somehow...........

My cousin said I owe it to myself and my family to try and get the benefits I earned.

Good luck to you!

Julie :0)

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