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  1. I have had all my questions answered regarding this posting, but don't know how to delete it I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong location, feel free to move or delete as needed. Does anyone have any experience with Health Reimbursement Accounts? We have just been informed that my husbands employer is no longer offering and HMO/PPO plan, only this HRA. I have to try and sit through a web conference to learn what it is all about and was hoping others may have experience with this so I know what to be looking for. I am concerned that seeing specialists will be very difficult with this new
  2. Thanks so much everyone. I'm glad to know that I am not the only one out there with these feelings. I am going to use the suggestion of going to sit and talk with people in nursing homes. I am not much of a baby person but I love talking with the older folks, some of their stories are fascinating. I'll just keep plugging along, and maybe someday they will come up with a surefire fix for all of us.
  3. How do you do it? How do you keep yourself in a positive frame of mind? After 10 years of this, I am tired of being exhausted every single day. I am bored to death. I can't find anything to do that I can focus on long enough to accomplish. I have seen counselors, who don't really seem to understand and their advice of be happy for the little you can do, just doesn't work for me. No matter how hard i try, telling myself to be happy when I feel well enough to go sit on the porch, just doesn't cut it. Although I have no intent or desire to ever try and harm myself, I would be ok with getti
  4. I take Levsin also. The GI doc that did My CAT scan and Colonoscopy recommended taking miralax daily.
  5. They couldn't up my dosage. My HR was dropping into low 30's.
  6. Thanks Mightymouse. I had my abdominal CT scan done yesterday and am scheduled for the colonoscopy on Monday. Hopefully I will have some answers soon.
  7. I had a horrible time with my meds. I would completely forget if I had taken them or not. I finally ended up getting three different colored pill cases, one for morning, one for mid day and one for night. That way I could easily tell what still needed to be taken and when.
  8. I completely understand. I have often told family members that the "ups and downs" are the worst part of this disorder. It's so frustrating to be headed uphill and then run face first into a wall, only to tumble all the way back down the hill. I hope this is only a few steps back for you and that you will be headed uphill again very soon.
  9. Alcohol has always had a major negative impact on me. I won't even touch the stuff anymore. Alcohol tends to dehydrate the body which is usually not a good thing.
  10. Welcome! I completely understand the frustration with doctors!
  11. I got constant headaches the first time I tried taking Midodrine. I tried it again a year later and didnt have the same side effects then
  12. I get weak legs and shakiness but it usually happens when I am dehydrated or having a really POTSy day. It affects my arms also
  13. I have had severe stomach pains a couple of times a month for the past year or so. I was told it was a symptom of POTS and may also be IBS. So I never got it checked out. Within the past 5 days I have had multiple instances of this but in addition to the severe pain it also caused vomiting and finally got to the point where I was passing nothing but blood. Lovely huh? Anyway, that kind of freaked me out. The blood is bright red so that makes me believe that whatever it is, it is an active bleed. My urine has also been very dark with a reddish tint. I also have lots of little red dots
  14. Randi how bad was the prep for the colonoscopy? Polyps run in our family and I have been told I should have one done. I am just afraid I won't be able to get the pre-procedure meds down. I have a very strong gag reflex and find it impossible to drink things that taste bad. I once needed a cat scan and I had to drink this thick, white stuff. I wasn't able to do it
  15. Hi Ajw, I am on Atenolol, Mestinon, Midodrine, Levisin and a ton of other meds. I have appts with my two cardios next month and will discuss it with both of them. I just didn't feel like trying to bump an appointment up in order to ask them about it.
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