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  1. I am given prednisone for asthma. Not sure about a pots connection. There must be a research study
  2. does breathing excercises come into play? such as square breathing?
  3. SWIMMING IS HUGE.!!!!! Even if you just get in there and let the pressure against you for 30 minutes
  4. I used to be an athlete, and even now i can bike up to 90 minutes SLOW. Just putt along, which is fine. However, maybe once a month i have to crank up my heart rate! Catching the bus for one example. A little jog to work. Etc. RESULT: Especially when you combine heat/ direct sunlight/ and exertion........I can utterly break into a cold sweat and profusely perspire for another half hour. And then, im utterly wiped out for up to 3 days. Feel like i cant move, breathing problems, asthma trigger, weak, brain fog.
  5. Yes, id definitely BOTH trust the physician, get second opinions when possible, and of course, do your own extensive research. For example, I did the sweat test at cleveland clinic, and technically passed. However, it took me about 30 minutes to BEGIN to really sweat at all. And to this day, apparently, between pots and my hypothalmus???,,,,,,my perspiration system is utterly messed up.
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