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  1. Happy new year! It is a great time to start with all new hobbies as this is a chance for us to have a positive outlook. Although, we can do that anytime of the year, there's an extra push at the beginning of the year.
  2. I checked the link and downloaded the article. Great read. Thanks for sharing. Gardening is really good. Aside from it's very relaxing, you get to grow what you consume. People don't notice that most products we buy from the groceries can be grown in our backyards. It can save as tons really from plantation, logistics, food processing, transportation, and retail.
  3. The obvious lesson I've learned is that life could change in just a snap. The whole world could shut down all at once, and not even the strongest country can do anything about it.
  4. Been doing a lot of reading, cooking, yoga. Anything that I can think of to pass the time. I also did some binge-watching. Hopefully, we'd get back to the closest possible "normal" late next year.
  5. Oh my! Every mom's dream holiday! A day of peace and quiet where you don't have to worry about anything, literally anything would be heaven! Adulting snatched this from us, and it would be really really nice to have a week of holiday like this. Just relaxin' and chillin', no stress. aaaahhh!! 😆
  6. It is strange but thank you still cox we are still alive.
  7. If you have gastroparesis, it’s important to focus on getting the nutrition that you need while eating small, frequent meals that are low in fat and easy to digest.
  8. It is okay, I fel you hope you receover this one soon!
  9. Coffee is my brain booster, but I lessen my intake. From 3 cups to 1 cup daily. I get dizzy with too much caffeine.
  10. I think, Yes it is a factor since it would either lessen or give a hike on the anxiety side that may affect your Dysautonomia. If you feel calmer then it would be advantage of living on a cooler place.
  11. Thank you for posting. This information is helpful and worth sharing!
  12. We got 2 turtles only. It is actually boring to have a pet like this but my nephews like it.
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