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  1. I have been to college which was tough, and then started working. I also managed to go through a Medical Technology program and get my masters degree. All of these things were really hard for me but I pushed through. In my current job I started out on second shift, but soon switched to day shift. In the past few months I have been placed on evening shift every two weeks for two consecutive days. I keep trying to explain how hard this is for me compared to someone without CFS and POTS, but it falls on deaf ears. I have FMLA for two days a month due to CFS and POTS, but now I am getting push bac
  2. I also would like to find a doctor in medford oregon area. It is 5 - 6 hours from portland oregon in southern oregon.
  3. definately start preping and then rest for a bit. Then start the cooking try meals that don't take a ton of prep or time. I make quiche from scratch (only 20 or so minutes prep), chicken with cream sauce (only onions and garlic involved as well as chicken and broth), pasta with any kind of sauce, fish is quick in oven to make and can either bake or saute veggies with most of these. You can do something like sundays is prep day where you cut up veggies for monday and tuesday, etc. Make larger batches of food so that you can freeze some for later dates. Chili is great for this and you can freeze
  4. Has anyone else gotten dizzy spells also from just walking, while sitting or while lying down in bed? I feel like most people seem to get the usual when getting up from a seated or lying down position. I have also had POTS for most of my life and CFS for 20 years. I also have gotten motion sick since I was a toddler and that seems to have gotten significantly worse in the past 5 years. Just turning my head a bit to quickly or looking up or down a bit to quick can trigger it. I wish there was a solid treatment at this point. Most doctors I come across have little experience with CFS and no expe
  5. I have had POTS since I was in 8th grade and motion sickness since I was a toddler. I also have CFS since senior year of high school. I am now 38 almost 39 and I did notice in the last 5 years or so my symptoms have gotten worse. I have more dizzy spells (although I recently did link some of them to when I have a larger amount of sugar than normal), my motion sickness has gotten significantly worse (even turning my head to look at something or looking down and up to quickly can trigger a spell). I also feel like my brain fog has increased it's hard to remember the name of simple things and thi
  6. Glad you are feeling better. Just to let you know the morning cortisol levels are to see how you adrenal system is functioning. The levels should be higher in the morning and lower in the evening, but with people with CFS or POTS the levels tend to be lower all day long with no relief. Just one of the tests that shows a possible reason for being tired. I have lower cortisol levels, but also lower vit B12, vit D, iodine, and several pathways are lower that are necessary for energy levels. I currently take licorice solid extract and it helps somewhat, but I need to start taking it twice a day.
  7. IgA is for allergies, IgM is the first antibody produced when you get sick with a virus, or bacteria, IgG is the second antibody produced during an infection with bacteria or virus. The IgG is also the one produced if you come in contact with the same bacteria or virus. IgE is for parasitic infections.
  8. You can also make your own Gatorade at home. 4 cups filtered water, 2 lemons juiced and 1 lime juiced, 1 large teaspoon on salt (celtic or himalyian salt better), 1 Tablespoon on honey (raw or organic not from bees given sugar if possible). Blend and drink...store in container and good for up to one week or more.
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