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  1. HI. I am desperate for the name of a physician in Columbus, Ohio who is very familiar with Dysautonomia and Pots. Help!
  2. I was happy to see i was not alone. Im sitting in the hospital with this new diagnosis and feeling very sad today. Thank you for answering me. I dont feel so alone.
  3. Anyone hear of a connection between Dysautonomia and Spasmodic Dysphonia? I have both.
  4. I contacted my neurologist for the third time this week with no response to my breathing issue. I love the doctor but can't stand the lack of response. I've been to Cleveland Clinic, which concurred with all his findings but I need someone more responsive. Any suggestions on a neurologist in the central Ohio area? I need help without going to the ER all the time. The ER just gets you to the point where you can go home and suggests seeing your doctor. Great idea. My doctor is never available.
  5. What is the best way to diagnose MSA?
  6. You sound just like me! I love my neurologist but he is not responding to my concern. Sometimes I feel like going to the hospital so they can see what I am talking about. It, fainting and " hot attacks" and breathing problems rule my life! One doctor in the ER called it "reflex". He had never hear of Dysautonomia. I don't sleep either. Good luck! Keep me informed.
  7. I have been having terrible breathing issues. I keep gasping for air (usually after a "hot attack"). I keep breathing in but can't let the air out. It is terrifying. I went to the ER once and got a doctor who knew nothing about Dysautonomia and sent me home. Does anyone else have this issue? It is becoming a bigger, more common occurrence. Thanks
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