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  1. What helps?

    I may try the coconut water, not a big fan but probably better for me than Gatorade. Yes I am the same if i lay down to much u just feel even more yucky.
  2. What helps?

    I may have to watch that I didn't think about the artificial flavors. Thanks for pointing that out. Should find something else
  3. What helps?

    I am trying to figure out what has helped people. I drink lots of water. I exercise as tolerated. Last week I started drinking 1 powerade a day to see if that will help, my migraines were so bad. The migraines have been horrible when it's below 60 and rainy. Any suggestions?
  4. Chronic fatigue

    Thank you for the feedback. I had to stop working because my job was very stressful, which of course I miss it very much. But it does seem those things add up and your right they do cause set backs. I need to log that stuff, maybe I can see a pattern.
  5. Chronic fatigue

    HI, I'm new to this forum. This is also one of my questions (the chronic fatigue) it bothers me so. I take the Midrodine and Fludricordine (might be spelling those wrong). Today I feel amazing,I can do anything. Yesterday I spent the day in bed and could hardly move. Is this typical for POTS? Its been like this for 2 years, roller coaster each day. Also many of you have mentioned "getting POTS symptoms better". How have you been able to do that? I was diagnosed in Nov. 2015 and still haven't felt any better, only worse. Any helpful tips would be great. I'm going to look into those natural herbs mentioned above as well. Thanks