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  1. Hey guys, its me again. So, basically I went to the hospital (yet again) and they said I was fine. I had all the classic tests done. (EKG, blood, xray, etc.) I got a job at a chicken plant and was doing ok (other than feeling light headed and nauseous from standing for so long) but then my symptoms and feelings I had been holding in finally pushed me to my wits end and I ended up at a mental hospital for week. Fast forward to today I've come to my own conclusion that I have pots and i was also diagnosed with bipolar disorder not too long ago. My symptoms have been getting worse. I feel like crap all the time, even to the point of wanting to give up on life (that's how I ended up at the mental hospital). Are there any tips you can give me on how to not feel as ****** all the time? Thanks in advance. I hope you're all doing well.
  2. I use these exercises, and I'd like to think that they work. These two exercise are to help your blood flow. I do the one below first and then the one above. Also, this video is about signs heart disease. I eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. No red meat or chicken (fish is fine), I drink plenty of water and I get at least 30 minutes of exercise three days a week. I take long walks so I don't strain my heart. (If I am feeling weak, I just lay back and do leg lifts and bicycle pedaling motions). There are recipes for artetry cleansing drinks. hope this helps.
  3. Just had my dad check my pulse a few minutes ago and he said its normal.
  4. Haugr, Nope... It keeps getting worse... At this point, I'm just trying to leave it to god.
  5. Haugr, I see... Thank you. I'll try to talk to my physician about it at my appointment.
  6. Kalamazoo, it was trazadone. I used to take it all the time with no problem a year ago. I was taking it for anxiety and depression. But now, it just makes me feel worse. Its strange.
  7. Maybe, idk... Last time I tried meds, my heart shot up to like 160-180 just from walking to the bathroom, so I avoid them.
  8. SarahA33, I tried applying for Medicaid but got denied. All they ever suggest is popping some brain pill and seeing a psychiatrist. This is ridiculous. I could be on the verge of cardiac arrest but I'm being labeled as a basket case, but screw me, right? Smh...
  9. Haugr, my blood pressure is usually very high like around 160. Sometimes it gets high as 190. The doctors never seem to bring it up. They didn't even give me my results the last time I got checked out. They just said I was "young and healthy". I feel like I'm 80 years old... I'm only 22... I feel like I'm being *********** because I don't have insurance. It's almost like its a conspiracy...
  10. Should I just have my self committed...? At least I'll have doctors around if something happens to me...
  11. How have they not found anything that is a cause for concern? I think I'm cursed...
  12. They're just going to tell me that its all in my head...
  13. I'm sorry... Im just really upset... I feel completely doomed
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