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  1. Many of the precautions are circulating widely and now known to most people interested. In addition here are some facts as we know them right now for the coronovirus: It can survive in/on: Air - for up three hours Copper - for up to four hours Cardboard - for up to 24 hours Plastic and stainless steel - for up to three days Of course factors such as humidity and temperature will affect its survivability. These figures are under favorable conditions. Since I've been thinking about this for a while, I've been honing strategies to minimize exposure from surfaces like leaving my mail in the box for 24 hours and leaving non perishable grocery or other bought items in the hot car for a while before re-touching them to bring inside. You get the drift and can add and modify as needed. We can wash hands and use sanitizer and wipes all we want but if the items we touch after are contaminated we'll just recontaminate our hands. Spread can be minimized by paying attention to what specific items we're handling and touching that are contaminated, thinking of how long they may be contaminated and ways to wait until they are safe.
  2. Hi Scout, The panic of the last two days is not where I am. I've been quietly preparing for at least three weeks because looking at reports from overseas, I could see it could be bad here and that I was at extreme risk if I get it. I've done what I can and so now I will wait. Stay safe and try to flatten the curve for the sake of yourself and everyone else.
  3. Hi Kim. This may be the info on plaquenil you were referring to but I included the link below anyway. There's a PDF link to the full scientific paper in the summary I linked. I did read and evaluate the full paper as a scientist and it looks pretty good. It was used a little during the SARS-1 outbreak so they had info to help. If you are already on 400 mg of plaquenil a day you may have a leg up. Thanks for bringing it up. Unfortunately, I don't take it anymore and I don't have any left. https://academic.oup.com/cid/advance-article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa237/5801998
  4. Thank you for posting this. It's helpful information.
  5. Kim, I will keep you updated. From what I understand, plaquenil has shown promise in pneumonia from the SARS-CoV-2 virus (SARS-CoV-2 is the name of the actual virus; COVID-19 is the name for the disease it causes) by acidifying certain cellular activities thereby inhibiting replication. A good ref to see the drugs currently being repurposed in trials is here: https://www.nature.com/articles/d41587-020-00003-1 Edited to add: My plan is to put off getting this as long as possible so they can be further along in treatment options.
  6. Well, I'm retired now but my ex-husband is still in the field as an infectious disease specialist and is keeping me up with the developments. While they don't have data supporting some of these off label treatments such as Plaquenil and more logically, HIV drugs, there are trials for the HIV drugs in China and now Spain. I'll be happy to report anything I hear if people are interested.
  7. Thanks, Kim. I appreciate you relaying your own situation wrt to your location and relation to the Disney exposure. I know my own risk unfortunately. Like others, POTS did not occur without other problem conditions in me. Plus I'm 66. My roots are steeped in the medical community so I understand the virus as much as is known and what they're saying to do to prevent it. I guess I just wanted people to discuss it in general and read what they had to say more than to be personally reassured but I wasn't very clear on that. I've now moved on to treatment options so I'll be prepared. Hopefully we can share things here that may help if we become infected.
  8. So at what point are we allowed to worry about the coronavirus and not be fear mongering? It's pretty clear things are getting way worse. I'm interested in hearing people's plans.
  9. I think about this all the time because mine tends to be too narrow even lying/sitting down. I don't have a reading this minute but my systolic will often drop and my diastolic may go up upon standing. It's more often less than 30 difference no matter what. Recently I was at a rheumatologist appointment and my BP was 100 over 82 sitting. The nurse said good blood pressure or something like that. I said, well, there's not much in the middle. She didn't act like she knew what I was talking about. I'm not sure narrow pulse pressure (less than 30 difference between systolic and diastolic) is common. I have noticed some very narrow pulse pressures when I see TTT results on others so it may be a POTS thing. The least I've measured that I can remember was 12 with a BP of 52/40.
  10. I understand you want one for outside use but here's the stationary one for inside I got that works well. Refurbished for @149 from Amazon.
  11. I had my first and only true seizure after pulling in the driveway coming home from voting in 2016. I'm sure it was from stress. I still occasionally have seizure like things, but not like that one.
  12. I hope there will be many people reporting their experience with this so people can gauge whether to try it. My sister and I did it a few months ago. She enjoyed it but I was not impressed. If anything I felt worse after. I also have hyperPOTS. Again, I hope there are other responses to this so we can get more of a balanced idea of whether it helps some people and is worth trying.
  13. I have a lot of back problems, including a pretty bad lower lumbar scoliosis, probably from my EDS. I use gabapentin for my CRPS pain and it helps the back pain. It's a good drug IMO. If spasms are causing the nerve pain to be worse, valium is still considered the best muscle relaxer.
  14. No, but I have it too. A smell of stale smoke. And it's not just when I lie down and my nose stops up but constantly for weeks at a time when I have it. It's been going on for years. IDK if this helps but yes, I have that problem too.
  15. If you're having side effects then you are absorbing the meds, at least part of the time. I have trouble absorbing meds due to gastroparesis. It seems to be intermittent however. Do you think it's like this for you? It's a real problem and one that doesn't have a lot of medical remedies for most drugs. I mostly have trouble with my oral steroid I have to take for Addison's. I have to inject it when this happens. But at least I can do that with the steroid. There are patches for some drugs if you think it might work.
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