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  1. I need assistance and was hoping someone on this site may have some insight. This has not been a good year for me. I hurt my back and found out I have Leukemia (in addition to the POTS, migraines and vertigo. The doctor put me on a 5 day pack of steroids for my back and I was also put on an antibiotic. Since then I have be to urgent care, the ER and my cast of doctors. The final consensus was the steroids and antibiotic triggered the irregular heart rates and plunged me back into full blown POTS. I feel very defeated. Has this happened to anyone else while taking steroids and/or antibio
  2. I had a nuclear stress test yesterday that ended with me in the hospital. The emergency room thought I had a nasty reaction to either the nuclear dye , the drug used to chemically stimulate my heart (instead of using tread mill), or the drug used to reverse the effects of the stimulating drug. I had a difficult time breathing, my heart rate was crazy, there was an elephant on my chest, very dizzy, nausea, ungodly tired, and weak. Today, I am still very weak, tired, tachy, and dizzy. I have had POTS for 13 years now, but never expected this extreme type of reaction to a stress test (I have
  3. Aida, I am so sorry to read of your suffering. I would not wish vertigo on my worst enemy. I was diagnosed with POTS 13 years ago. Vertigo was and continues to be my most challenging symptom. Over 13 years, I have been treated by 4 different neurologists and tried what seems like hundreds of abortive and preventative migraine treatments. Nothing has taken the vertigo completely away. The doctor has stated he feels my condition is permanent. Thru therapy, I have re-focused my efforts on living the best life I can within the confines of my symptoms. I have not worked for several years no
  4. About 4 years ago we purchased a Glacier Tex (GT) concealed cooling vest. It changed my life in that I can go outside in the hot& humid Florida summers. The vest was expensive, but well worth the price. The packs stay pretty frozen about 4-5 hours, and so far they have not leaked. My one grip with the vest is that it is restrictive (hard to bend over, etc.), and it feels heavy on. I tried using it under my clothes, but I felt liked I was stuffed, so I just wear it over my shirt now. I noted GT has since changed their ice packs to now offer a flex line. If I were to reorder this is
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