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  1. I used to get chronic ear infections as a child, but never had a tube or anything to treat it. I would get a lot of fluid buildup in my ears, and I think I still do when I get a lot of allergies or congestion. My doctor has also remarked that the shape inside my ear is "odd" but didn't explain that any further.
  2. It is so inspiring to hear that other people on here have been able to work up to a higher tolerance! I have been starting to exercise, which was a real push for me because it was a nightmare for my body at first and I used to avoid it because it would make me feel so ill. But now I am loving it. My current routine is I do a light jog for 5 minutes, recumbent bike for 15-20 minutes and 15-20 minutes of strength training, focusing on my legs to try to help with venous pooling that I have severely. I also do some light workouts from youtube videos, and it is awesome to see when I started out onl
  3. I do have a couple other symptoms of CFS, namely the sleep issues and constantly swollen lymph nodes, but I've never been diagnosed with it. I am usually not super low energy at all (adrenaline surges abound), so I'm not sure if I quite fit the profile. I do remember the doctor writing something about accomidation down, probably the same thing. I have severe vision problems pertaining to glaucoma all throughout my family so I think that was her main concern, but I don't show any signs of that yet. Since there seems to be some overlap between CFS and dysautonomia, I wonder if its just all part
  4. My eyes do get dry frequently, which I chalk up to hypovolemia. I am pretty young so my eyes being in the state they are in isn't really normal at all, but my eye doctor seemed to really think it could be an autonomic nerve thing. I have heard some POTS meds can mess with vision as well, I think beta blockers might affect it? I could be remembering incorrectly.
  5. I had a routine eye doctor appointment recently, and as usual the doctor pointed out that my eyes have trouble refocusing, like when I look at something far away and then close up they don't refocus very quickly. I have had this problem since the onset of my symptoms and the doctor has always pointed it out, but now I explained dysautonomia to her and she said it sounds like it could be part of it. The problem is, I have bifocal glasses to try to help with this but it doesn't really do much because my eyes are still refocusing slowly no matter what. The eye doctor said that she wasn't sure wh
  6. I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that mainly manifests as skin picking and disruptive thoughts, but none of this has ever seemed at all related to my POTS symptoms. I suppose my symptoms may "appear" like a panic attack, but I actually do not get panic attacks. I get POTS flares. An observant doctor was very bothered by the fact that I kept saying that no psychological issue actually triggered these "panic attacks", which is how I got a referral to be tested for POTS after experiencing my symptoms for so long. I would be perfectly content just standing around and suddenly would feel like f
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