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  1. I have been on Northera for about six years and I believe I may be getting some side effects
  2. I did a search on this forum and got no results.
  3. I have PAF and had it at least 30 years but most likely 50 years. I am 76 and still work everyday
  4. I waited on this drug to be FDA approved for 3 years and finally last year got my chance to try it. The first day it worked 3 --100 mg first thing in the morning. My pressure would drop in the mornings to 60/45 and rise by 5 O'clock in the evenings to 220/115 but once I started Northera it fixed both problems. I felt normal --- life is great--after about 3 months I notice I must be 120 years old . I could hardly get in and out of car. The muscle soreness was awful. In addition the fatigue as un bearable . At first. I did not relate it to the Northera due to coming on so slow. I stopped it and
  5. I switched from Midodrine to Northera . 1000 times better
  6. I am amazed that people are not switching over to Northere from Midrodine
  7. Why would you not try Nortera. For me it so far is a miracle drug and I have not felt any side effects. I did not like Midrodrine period
  8. I read the papers that they included with the drug. It comes with a warning: Supine Hypertension and if lifting the head of your bed at night does not relive the higher pressure to discontinue. I just sent off an email to my doctor regarding just the opposite. For more than four years I have had high pressure after 3:00 pm and really high up to 220/115 and have been taking medicine to lower it, which would only lower it about 30 points. I would take it everyday about 6:00 pm regulatory. Now my evening pressure "sitting" is about 125/85 and not dizzy upon standing as the Northera is wearing o
  9. . You may want to review your information. I have all the papers here with me and I can review but I am 99% sure i am correct.
  10. . It does have same hypertension problem but should not take 6 hours before bedtime. Instructions say 3 hours
  11. . The capsule is smaller than an Advil . I do not know why they sent mine at no charge and they sent about 150 capsules. I do get a call every week to see how I am doing. So far so good
  12. Corina, I have a paper on it but I am on vacation for another 3 weeks , so I do not have access to it. The paper was done by Vanderbilt.
  13. Vanderbilt said I was their first patient on this new drug for hypotension. I started it about three weeks ago and it is far superior to Midodrine in my opinion. I take two 100 mg each first thing in the morning to get my pressure up so I can take a shower. Seems once my pressure is up, I am good for the day. About 6:00 pm I take a pill to lower my b/p. The Northera is suppose to have only about a three hour window, but once my pressure is up, I am good. I do not have any sides effects that I know of. I can not tell I have taken anything.
  14. I reviewed Raynaud and does not seem to fit
  15. XRobin, I have had ortherstatic hypotension for 30 years and never had sore muscles. Maybe you should look else where for the problem. Check with your doctor
  16. The temperature has dropped from 92f to 82f and I am misable cold. Something is not right. I keep asking my doctor but nothing.
  17. Bell girl , I agree with you on all counts .
  18. Bell girl, I should have said if anyone that was cured and over 50, would not most likely be visiting this forum. I do not have Pots but I have PAF. I will not name the doctor but if I did, most of you would know this doctor. This doctor , seems from these comments to be wrong or did the ones who did get over it never let anyone know. If I got over this, I would scream from the rafters and post it on every forum I could find and I would not just post one time but many months over, so other would have hope.
  19. Vitamin D is good , but I still take a Dailey vitamin D. Anyone else have any idea?
  20. My hands and feet are actually the only thing about me that stays warm. If I continue to stay cold for 30 minutes or more I begin to have cold sweats and that is miserable. I have to change clothes since I am so wet. This is really strange since in 95 f degree weather I never sweat since people with my problem never sweat from heat. I will look up Raynaud disease since I do not know anything about it.
  21. I was told that people with POTS by age 50 they have full recovery. Is that true? Of course the 50 yrs old who did have POTS is not on the forum. Anyway, what do you know about this?
  22. I am keeping my home at 75 degrees F and I am still too cold. My blood count is good and thyroid checks out. Any ideas?
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