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  1. I have been on Northera for about six years and I believe I may be getting some side effects
  2. I did a search on this forum and got no results.
  3. I have PAF and had it at least 30 years but most likely 50 years. I am 76 and still work everyday
  4. I waited on this drug to be FDA approved for 3 years and finally last year got my chance to try it. The first day it worked 3 --100 mg first thing in the morning. My pressure would drop in the mornings to 60/45 and rise by 5 O'clock in the evenings to 220/115 but once I started Northera it fixed both problems. I felt normal --- life is great--after about 3 months I notice I must be 120 years old . I could hardly get in and out of car. The muscle soreness was awful. In addition the fatigue as un bearable . At first. I did not relate it to the Northera due to coming on so slow. I stopped it and
  5. I switched from Midodrine to Northera . 1000 times better
  6. I am amazed that people are not switching over to Northere from Midrodine
  7. Why would you not try Nortera. For me it so far is a miracle drug and I have not felt any side effects. I did not like Midrodrine period
  8. I read the papers that they included with the drug. It comes with a warning: Supine Hypertension and if lifting the head of your bed at night does not relive the higher pressure to discontinue. I just sent off an email to my doctor regarding just the opposite. For more than four years I have had high pressure after 3:00 pm and really high up to 220/115 and have been taking medicine to lower it, which would only lower it about 30 points. I would take it everyday about 6:00 pm regulatory. Now my evening pressure "sitting" is about 125/85 and not dizzy upon standing as the Northera is wearing o
  9. . You may want to review your information. I have all the papers here with me and I can review but I am 99% sure i am correct.
  10. . It does have same hypertension problem but should not take 6 hours before bedtime. Instructions say 3 hours
  11. . The capsule is smaller than an Advil . I do not know why they sent mine at no charge and they sent about 150 capsules. I do get a call every week to see how I am doing. So far so good
  12. Corina, I have a paper on it but I am on vacation for another 3 weeks , so I do not have access to it. The paper was done by Vanderbilt.
  13. Vanderbilt said I was their first patient on this new drug for hypotension. I started it about three weeks ago and it is far superior to Midodrine in my opinion. I take two 100 mg each first thing in the morning to get my pressure up so I can take a shower. Seems once my pressure is up, I am good for the day. About 6:00 pm I take a pill to lower my b/p. The Northera is suppose to have only about a three hour window, but once my pressure is up, I am good. I do not have any sides effects that I know of. I can not tell I have taken anything.
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