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  1. Hey everyone!! I hope Thanksgiving is going well for all! I am primarily an ME/CFS patient who went on to acquire comorbid POTS. It's difficult for me to understand where one ends and the other begins because the symptoms often overlap. However, since developing POTS I have the blood pooling and other standing up stuff that I didn't have much of before. I try to be upright and active as much as possible, though I'm always running into the ME/CFS symptom of "post exertional malaise" so I've never been successful with exercise. Even a minute of recumbent bike or bed exercise knocks me
  2. I think this is vertigo? My neurologist said it feels like your environment is moving or you're moving through your environment. I usually get this with migraines.
  3. Did they perhaps mean onset is unlikely over 50? I've read that it's more common in pre-menopausal women but it seems like anyone can get it. Given the diverse causes I would think it would be difficult to predict the course in all patients.
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