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  1. I am so thankful for all the help on here my fiancé and mother took a video of my heart going from 60 to 110 just upon standing and they also said j think that I have ortho hypertension
  2. Thank you for the article but what exactly is it saying as I am not familiar with all the medical terms
  3. potassium was low 3.2 glucose was high 118biliribun high 1.8Wbc count high 11.1hematocrit low 36.9auto neutrophil high 8.5 are those really to high or to low ? or just minimal ?
  4. yea it really does =/ thank you so much just want answers =/
  5. Yesterday around 12 midnight my heart started to rise and it got to 190hr and i could not breathe and my fiance and father called the ambulance by the time they came it went down to 160 and then by the time i got to the hospital it was at 104 they ran blood test and chest x rays The test they ran were cbc + automated DiffSed RateProthrombin Time and inr plasma activated partial thromboplastin time Metabolic Paneltshcpk troponin t serummagnesium serem c reactive protein potassium was low 3.2 glucose was high 118biliribun high 1.8Wbc count high 11.1hematocrit low 3
  6. Laying down 105/65 with 49 hr Keep in mind I am a 6"1 male 167 pounds
  7. what are some blood tests that should be ordered to see what is causing the POTS ? any suggestions ?
  8. Yes its normal but 10-25 beats Nots 70-140 within 5 seconds and then within 1 minute it goes down to 110
  9. That can be it as well I am so lost rite know Not even sure what to make of this
  10. Yes....maybe???? I am so confused rite know I've been an athlete my whole life and this hit me out of no were Then this morning for fun she said let me check my hr and it went from 70-135
  11. So I was diagnosed with POTS 4 months ago My fiancé has a heart rate of laying down of 70 and standing 135 within 5 seconds Sounds stupid but is this possible ?
  12. Hope your son gets well soon and find the rite treatment How long did it take for you to get better ? Anything u did specific ? Did u stop medication?
  13. OK I am wondering is it better not to find your cause for POTS after doctors have ran many many test and hope it was caused by a virus sudden onset type thing or is it better to find a cause and deal with that sickness .....I am happy they can't find anything really bad but I am frustrated because we can't treat a cause so the pots can go away .....double edged sword ?
  14. Mmm yea the POTS came out of no were 1 thing I did sounds silly buy I completely stopped taking Fish oil supplement after I have taken them for 3 years
  15. Anna what do you mean a symptom not a syndrome ? Yes my on set came out of no were. Badhbt I have not seen symptom improvements but the medicine helps a little They still can't find any cause after many many blood test urine test and ct scans
  16. Had mine new years eve 4 months Did they find a cause yet ?
  17. How long have you had it ? Hit me out of the blue as well.
  18. wondering if POTS can ever really go away ? never had it for 23 years came out of no were 5 months ago.... just wondering if it can ever really go away just as fast as it came ?
  19. I eat 2 bananas a day I don't understand it my self
  20. i have a lot of muscle twitching and spasms but i can feel it what could be the cause ? any clue ?
  21. Thank you Had enfd not sure if I should ask for the other 1
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