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  1. heart rate is fine moving my arm...its drinking any kind of beverage it goes up quite a bit yea i wonder if this happens with people without POTS ? but weird enough when i hold my breathe it only goes up 5-8 beats, but when i drink anything it goes up 10-20 beats ???
  2. sounds silly but my heart rate goes from 66 to 84 just drinking water or gatorade ? like 3 big sips ? and comes back down within 5 minuetes ...but is it normal for that to happen ?
  3. I may be BENT, but not BROKEN, everything happens for a REASON. Because if GOD brings you to it, HE will bring you through it.

  4. Originally they put me on 12.5 once a day But it would wear off by the next morning so they cut that in half Sometimes I run 40-49 hr
  5. Can't tell you what to do But I can tell you in the hospital my hr went from 70-140 upon standing And I am on 6.25 atenelol twice a day Morning / night It has helped me
  6. yea i hope so 2 so tired of this =/ thanks for all the help
  7. has any 1 ever watched the secret on netflix ? if so what did you think? if not watch it and let me know what you think ?
  8. Over active adrenal glands ? Something i suspect I am going to and endo this week Hopefully he helps Mind you this is on a lot of medication
  9. Raglands Test ???????? Laying down bp and hr119 over 69 56 hr standing up rite away 132 over 80 hr 80 could it be my adrenal glands ?
  10. yea i had this happen yesterday and i dont understand whats going on it feels like your heart will come out of your chest =/ happend twice in two weeks and i am on meds not so sure as in what to do.
  11. worse feeling in the world =/ how long does it take until it goes down?
  12. Any 1 just laying down ever have there heart rate spike like crazy ? had a really bad episode last night hr went from 80 and climbed to 160 came back down to 110 and stayed there for a bit then i took an extra dose of atenelol and it went down to 90 and i fell asleep has any 1 ever had this happen just laying down not doing much ?
  13. ok the Mayo Clinic said to have my PCP call in and they are willing to help find a diagnoses they said to call and ask for a POTS specialist. my question is ...who is the best POTS doctor in that specific hospital ? so i can tell my doctor to ask for that specific person ? if any 1 could lend a helping hand it would mean a lot as you know how hard a diagnoses is =/
  14. thank you so much have an appointment the end of next month really hoping she can help
  15. congenital adrenal hyperplasia Sounds like you have to lack cortisol and others I just have high dhea
  16. OK let me see if I can find anything on the search
  17. Ohhhh mmmm OK lol Was hoping to find a cause but if that's the case then I have to reset Thank you for your input
  18. I have not been able to find a cause for my POTS ...received blood results today and my dhea was high...normal limits 31-701 and mine was 1163 Problem is I have no clue what this means .....does any 1 know why dhea levels might be high ? Hoping this can lead me to the cause of my POTS
  19. Mighty your not old =) dont worry old is 90 and above e soskis which one were you unimpressed with ? just out of curiosity...i am sorry you had this happen and i hope you get the care you need from your hometown hospital. tachy no problem at all, we are all in this together
  20. great =) thank you so much for all the help just hoping its worth the 10 hour drive.
  21. thats awesome i really hope Vanderbilt can help you. Please keep us updated on how it goes... yea john Hopkins isn't to far from me either thats why i ask
  22. I know mayo keeps you for about a week Not sure about the others And I heard they do repeat test the deem necessary Its fine we are all helping each other Just posting because I want to eventually get to the best 1
  23. any idea how good they are ? dealing with POTS ? i know the ideal situation is to go to Minnesota ...but its a 6-8 month wait
  24. i am hoping to hear from some 1 that has went to her =/ thank you so much for all the support badhbt =) i really hope we get answers in june as well because my Wedding is in August just wanna enjoy that day!!!! cant do so unless i am back to my normal self i will keep every 1 informed i am also on the waiting list for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota so between Blith and Mayo i should get the answers i need within time
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