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  1. its hard 2 imagine any worse then this =/
  2. yea i agree that hurt 2 hear =/ will it get worse before it gets better i am hoping so =/
  3. so thankful for all the support on here just hard rite know
  4. its gonna get better before it gets worse? are you sure ? that's not helpful to hear that
  5. thank you so much for your help i am just lost at the moment =/
  6. M 24 years old 6 feet 170 pounds have Gilberts Syndrome Have 1st degree heart block know i have POTS honestly i dont know what to make of this? i was fine Christmas happy and healthy and 5 days later i cant get out of bed without my heart rate going from 80 to 160 just upon standing i was at LIJ in NYC for 1 week and they told me i have POTS they put be on atenelol and doxazosin so far it is working for my heart rate and it is stable but i still feel weak, dizzy short of breath and lightheaded i am wondering can pots ever go away? i feel so miserable at the moment i dont know what to do, i
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